Project Audio, have launched their Debut Model Turn Table with an ‘S’ shaped tone arm. M/s. Innovative Information Technology Pvt. Ltd., the distributors for Project Turntables in India have advised us that the Project Debut S-Shape, will be available from June 2017 onwards. The price of the Project Debut S-Shape Turntable will be Rs.69875/- with a Project Phono Box E Phono Pre-Amp provided as a Freebie till stocks last. For more details, kindly contact Recordplayer.in

Some features of the Project Debut S-Shape Turntable:

• 8,6” S-Shape carbon tonearm  

• Increased platter size with more weight  

• Precision belt drive with synchronous motor  

• New DC power supply with ultra precision frequency DC-driven AC generator (like Speed Box) for ultimate speed stability.  

• New TPE motor suspension  

• Felt mat  

• Ortofon 2M Silver pre-mounted  

• Dust cover included

NOTE: Project Clamp It – Record Clamp shown in pic is not part of standard equipment and is sold separately as an accessory.