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why clubs are cranking up the quality instead of the volume

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Outside a former kitchen on an east London street called, perhaps fittingly, Club Row, there’s a chalkboard advertising “COFFEE, EGGS & BLOODY GOOD SPEAKERS”. You might pass it by thinking it was just another bit of café-culture whimsy, but this is more than an eatery and lounge with challenging music in the background. This is Sonos Studio, which provides an extraordinary set of sonic experiences in a cafe and lounge space that is designed to be as acoustically perfect as a high-end recording studio. Read More

What Makes a Balanced (and accurate) Audio Review?

  • Written by Roger Skoff
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For the last seven installments of this continuing series, I've been talking about various aspects of audio reviewing. In the course of it, I've said that reviews ARE necessary because we all want to buy the very best products available to us, but it's physically impossible for anyone, no matter how committed, to personally audition all - or, really, even a small percentage of all -- of the products on the market. I've said that any time anyone describes and critiques any audio product or system, whether verbally or in writing, that qualifies as a "review, and I've set forth what I believe to be the three most basic requirements for a good one: "(1) The 'reviewer' must, both in terms of his own capabilities and those of his reference system, be able to perceive and judge a product or system's performance; then (2) he must apply some standard for rating it; and finally, (3) he must be able to communicate what he has found and decided to other people in a way that they will be able to understand and benefit from." The first six articles I wrote for this series were about the first two of those requirements, and the seventh article got into the third requirement, talking about the two different basic types of review ("objective" and "subjective"); describing the types of information each provides in its purest form; and saying that, because test numbers can help us quantify a product's performance, but not really tell, without any necessary interpretation, what it actually sounds like, I prefer a review in words, that will describe the sound for me directly, and that will offer test numbers only as or if they're absolutely necessary to make some specific point. Read More

Roger Skoff goes to China and tells us what he saw

  • Written by Roger Skoff
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At the end of November, I attended this year's AV Fair in Guangzhou, China and found myself mightily impressed by it. It was held on five floors of the huge Dong Fang Hotel (where just the walk from my room to the elevators to the exhibit floors seemed to be something like a quarter mile!) and was impressively well-attended by both exhibitors and attendees. Yes, "attendees", but, at least as it appeared to me, not necessarily audiophiles. Read More

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