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In the pursuit of happiness

  • Written by pulastya
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What ties two people together? Common interests mainly, audio being of the many one finds in common, be it a song, an artist, a set-up which plays music to their liking and so on. The combination of all plus other varied interests is probably what got me and my good friend Makesh connect from being unknown to each other to developing a good friendship over the duration of nearly half a decade.

It started from being on a forum, related to audio video discussions, that lead to interacting via emails and text messages and finally ending up meeting in a locally organised a hi-fi meet. Makesh's interest in achieving a respectable stereo set-up made him continue doing the rounds of upgrades during which he always kept me in the loop as a sounding board, sometimes also to justify to himself whether he was heading in the right direction or not. By and large, I remained in the scheme of things, be it remote or on site with him during the various demo sessions at various places that were offering a chance to him and me to listen to options lined up either in his budget or sometimes not. After each upgrade, he would stop, reflect, contemplate and then move on. A lot of times, I could sense his frustration at not getting the desired result and kind of giving up, though I am glad he did not. This period would go on sometimes for weeks, or months, with long periods of complete silence maintained from his end.

In the past two years, Makesh took a direction that I have found has lead him to being on the path of the intended destination which he always was in pursuit of. Having met him yesterday, with other common friends over a listening session which was swinging from one direction to the other in respect to identifying a source he needed to keep and one he had to let go, something delightful happened.

By strange quirk of fate, it so happened that a highly experienced, trained and gifted person who though not invited last evening came along with me to just come and see where Makesh was presently with his set-up. Once he was allowed by Makesh to carry out some tweaks, the set-up was locked in and that's where Makesh realised that he had arrived at his destination.

End of the day, it might not be perfect, the room in which it is set-up is not perfect, there are a lot of other constraints that Makesh has decided to live with and understands very well that nothing in life is perfect. Maybe his journey in the pursuit of happiness related to his passion for his desired stereo set-up has rather ended in the manner he intended.

Cheers to Makesh and hope that his case inspires others in a similar situation to achieve their respective pursuits of happiness as well.


RIP Mr. Dieter Burmester

  • Written by Burmester News
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News courtesy Burmester Website

It is with great sadness but also a deep sense of gratitude for all of his achievements, Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH announces the unexpected death of the company founder and CEO Dieter Burmester. Dieter passed away after a short but severe illness in Berlin-Zehlendorf on August 15, 2015. Dieter Burmester was the founder and CEO of the company until his death. Dieter Burmester’s mission had always been to create the perfect blend of musical sound, technological innovation and timeless design. Today, the brand Burmester has a global reputation for uncompromising sound and craftsmanship. Dieter Burmester was born in 1946. As a musician and engineer he embodies these ideals together with his team. Ten years ago, Burmester accepted the challenge to implement the experience of high end sound into the automobile. Following the successful debut in the Bugatti Veyron Burmester now also offers high end sound for premium cars from Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Dieter Burmester was an internationally accepted and well-known pioneer of the high end industry. Many of his legendary audio components have turned into icons of the high end world. His passion for music and the reproduction of music at the highest levels of quality had lead him to continuously break new ground. His creative energy and his captivating enthusiasm inspired him to develop and realize extraordinary projects. Passing on his profound knowledge and his personal art of hearing to the team at Burmester Audio was a matter of the heart for Dieter Burmester. We thank Dieter for his decades of inspiration and knowledge and driven attention to detail. Together with his wife Marianne Burmester the team at Burmester will continue to run the company as he would have wished.

Burmester News

The People Behind Hi-FiHunt.Com

  • Written by pulastya
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Hello fellow Audio Video Enthusiasts, Friends and Family !

We would like to introduce ourselves to all as the people behind HifiHunt.com - Pulastya Dave & Hemant Waghe.

Two friends with a lot of common interests and hobbies, who have been active on the sidelines of the Audio Video(AV) Industry for more than 5 years now. We always were having the aspiration of being part of it but not until we had a strong focus & desire to achieve something for the good of the AV Industry in India. We have not only been interacting with the people who are part of the AV Industry, be it in the form of Representatives of Multinational Brands based in India, Distributors, Dealers, System Integrators, Installers, Consultants and Allied Persons connected to the AV Industry, but also the End Users, who consist of passionate people who are having the best Stereo Hi-Fi Set-ups or Dedicated Home Theatre's, currently and those who aspire to reach those standards in future.

One thing we realised is that inspite of there being a couple of AV related Forums, there always has a been a disconnect between the Sellers and Buyers, which to a very large extent is happening all over our country. A lot of people in big and small towns/cities have aspirations to know about what is available in our country but sadly do not have access to it, starting with the non-availability of correct information available to them and that too in one place or site. A lot of them have to rely on scattered information available via google or through their friends/relatives/acquaintances. Now most of the times, the information may be correct or incorrect and the same cannot be verified in its truest sense.

We, as Hifihunt.com, would like to therefore be a bridge between the Sellers and the Buyers. Our goals being:

* To promote the AV Industry in form of creating awareness of what brands are available in India and who represents these brands

* To provide INFORMATION about different brands, products and technologies

* To provide GUIDANCE to end users/customers about the market of what to buy and what will work for them and their specific requirements

* To provide KNOWLEDGE from doing the above so that the end user/customer makes the right choice leading to being content and satisfied in the future thanks to the informed decision taken by them

By doing so, we are thereby enhancing the increase in sales taking place which makes the AV Industry grow in the right manner and direction.

HiFiHunt is his attempt to offer customers in a particular geographic area usable ,structured and under stable information about the AV Industry.  HifiHunt.com is therefore a platform for advertising on behalf of the AV Industry, so that they can correctly showcase them selves to the target AV audience in India.  


A brief intro on Pulastya Dave

A person who is passionate about many things, AV being one of the more prominent ones, thanks to the huge influence Music & Movies made on him whilst growing up. An Automobile Engineer, he worked in the Automobile Industry for 10 years whilst running his family owned Marine Survey Company simultaneously, which he is part of to date. He also does AV consultancy to his circle of friends and family. His focus now is on HifiHunt.com and wants to make it a force to be reckoned with in the future. He listens to a wide variety of Music but is generally a Rock and Blues kind of person.


A brief intro on Hemant S Waghe

Engineer and MBA Marketing from a top institution Hemant is an AV enthusiast at heart . He worked in numerous Industries from FMCG to Recruitment with long stints in Consumer Electronics and Electronic Distribution Industry . The passion for Music and Electronics was from college days .Hemant is a reputed & successful part time used AV dealer . While helping people and contributing on popular online platforms, Hemant continuously realized that AV decision turns into costly mistakes due to scarcity of information and many times by overload of misinformation! HiFiHunt is his attempt to offer customers in a particular geographic area usable ,structured and under stable information about the AV industry. 


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