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Russian Roulette with Analog – Win or lose?

  • Written by Denom
  • Category: Blog
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So we are back at my friend Makesh’s place, this time with a new scenario. Makesh has ditched his Technics SL1210 and is looking to replace it with something new, err old. When good sense says that he should buy a new turntable, he defies logic and sticks to being stubborn with his intent to buy an old and abused piece or pieces in his case but more on that later.

He takes the arduous route of scanning for some junk err I mean used equipment and finds a pair of Lenco L75’s which he decides to buy sight unseen, simply because they are offered for cheap which makes him happy, so he pulls the plug on both, one is in its original stock state whilst the other is a pile of parts which he intends to use as a donor for fixing issues if found with the one intact.

Since these L75’s are going to take time in reaching India, he decides to look for a stop gap turntable that he can use to spin his ever growing collection of records. He finds one that strangely appeals to him due to its darkened dust cover(which is broken and hence colored to hide this aspect – tricks of the used equipment trade you see) and also due to the fact that the tone arm shape appeals to him. Great! Off he goes and pulls the trigger to acquire this Akai turntable.

In the meanwhile he hunts for a cartridge which ironically he wants to buy new, but here too the twist of fate ensures that the order placed on Amazon is cancelled and he lands himself with a used and what was declared as Nagaoka MP50, but no it’s an MP30, Splendid! Now comes the cameo role that I’ve to play as he needs an audio hack to fix the cart and get the Akai going so am off to his place to do the needful. All connected and we spin Al Green’s Greatest Hits, But 1103/04, we have a problem! Al ain’t sounding too happy and nasally, which leads us to the good ol’ Lehmann Audio phono pre which is still in MC setting as per his Denon cart back with the SL1210 days, which we have conveniently forgotten to change as per the Nagaoka’s MM requirements. Out comes the Lehmann Audio manual which says, hey we are German and we like to do things that are difficult and confusing, so Makesh advises me to change the switch positions as per the manual. Still no joy! Being impatient as usual, I play with the switches much to the chagrin of Makesh who is now getting dismayed at his choice of purchases and of involving me in this scenario, but wait. All is not lost, the fingering of the switches on the Lehmann Audio has suddenly done something good, Al Green sounds as he should, his nasally voice is now in full force and so is ARR with Vande Mataram, followed by Explosions in the sky, Shaan OST, Razia Sultan OST, DSOTM, till Makesh gets a little side tracked and switches sources to his Philips CDP, but that does not last long as now his rig with the source set to analog sounds alive and kicking. I tell that to him but he is still not sure of it sounding good and as is in his nature, he wants to change interconnects, gain settings on the Lehmann Audio and so on, his eternal search for something else continues….

I leave in a happy frame of mind whilst Makesh is back to his doubts and with a what next question mark in his mind. The battle rages on….

Rontek Systems – 20 Years of Make In India

  • Written by pulastya
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During the recently held Palm Expo 2017, we met with Jacob Abraham, who is the founder of Rontek Systems, Bangalore. We have known Jacob for almost 2 years now and each time we meet him, he comes across as an unassuming gentleman who is passionate and focused about achieving certain goals in life.

Jacob took part in the palm expo for the first time and during our interaction with him and on learning about his amplifiers, power conditioners, sequencers and management control systems we decided to write an article on him and his company.

Jacob was always into the music scene and in his teens made his own guitar amp which lead to him making amplifiers and speakers as a hobby. His friends pestered him to make the same for them and that’s how Jacob realised that he had an opportunity to make a career in the electronics manufacturing industry, thereby leading him to start Rontek Systems in the year 1996. Since day one, Rontek Systems had an inhouse R&D team and manufacturing facility with the focus being on need based solutions power electronics. Initially focusing on supplying to the telecom and electronic weighing scale manufacturing industries, Rontek Systems shifted its attention to the audio industry, as that was where Jacob’s passion really was. The product range of amplifiers and speakers initially focussed on the home audio front but subsequently also catered to the retail and hospitality segments, with products specifically designed with meeting their requirements. In the following years, the role of being consultants and system integrators was added to their repertoire with the focus being on dedicated home theaters, during which they also represented certain foreign AV brands. Jacob however, was passionate about designing and building products in India under his own brand which led to Rontek Systems coming full circle and going back to its roots. Inspite of growing demand, Rontek Systems still manufacturers inhouse in India with all inputs from an evolved R&D team consisting of musicians and sound engineers.

What is also very noteworthy about Rontek Systems is the fact that the majority of the workforce consists of women through a ‘Social Enterprise’ Model, that empowers women from weaker sections of the society coming from bangalore city and certain surrounding rural parts of India. We really appreciate and commend Rontek Systems for having the vision of not only training the workforce with skills that ensure that they can earn a decent living based on the same, but also to give back to the society in a desirable manner.

Rontek Systems currently are present in three verticals:

Audio Equipment for Commercial Installations

Dedicated Home Theatres

Professional Audio


Rontek Systems

Palm Expo 2017 - Mumbai

  • Written by Denom
  • Category: Blog
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The 2017 edition of Palm Expo took place from 1st to 3rd of June 2017. As has been our customary practice for the past 6 years, we visited on the 2nd day of the expo and as usual we covered the same via pictures taken as seen below:


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