Sight & Sound had Aero and Audiostics products on display, mostly static.

Baaroq Designs had a bazaar like display of as many products that they could fit into their room, mainly consisting of products from Mistral, OMZ and Eltek Acoustic. We were pretty much amused seeing the Mistral Speakers which were nothing but clones of B&W Speaker models of yesteryears, in the looks department. More than the demo we were just looking at the amount of similarities in the looks department as stated above and had a brief chat with the persons manning the room. Baaroq Designs have recently been made the distributors for Mistral in India. We wish them the very best in their endeavors.

Shemaroo Corporation had a few Panasonic projectors on static display and 1 model on demo. A couple of Panasonic TV's also were on demo. They also had a couple of speakercraft inwall, inceiling speakers on static display.

AudioVision India had almost their entire brands on static display. The key word being STATIC. Most of the visitors including us were disappointed to see this sort of arrangement as most often than not the aspirational brand for music enthusiasts has been B&W. A consolation of sorts was that one could atleast hear one B&W product - that being the Zeppelin wireless speaker. Yes, we are being a little bit sarcastic but we can't hide our disappointment! All we could do is click pics, which we did to make up for the lack of listening pleasure.

The only B&W that was 'alive' (pun heavily intended)

The Audio People & Stereo Trend Pvt. Ltd. had a suite having 2 rooms, one had a dedicated Home Theatre and the other a Stereo Set-up respectively. We started with a demo at the home theatre room which consisted of pro audio speakers with dedicated DSP's for each. Since these were the last 2 rooms we had to cover on the 14th floor and the fact that there was no other visitor present, we decided to plonk ourselves on the inviting sofa and enjoy what was on offer. The clip played also was a familiar one to us (from the movie - Man from U.N.C.L.E), hence we were rather well placed to judge the potential of the set-up. Admittedly, we felt the set up was the best one we heard at the Show as far as a Home Theatre Set-up is concerned, kudos to the people who calibrated the set-up.

The Stereo Room consisted of Monitor Audio PL300II Speakers with Bryston 7BSST Mono Block Power Amplifiers, BP26 Pre Amplifer, BDA-1 DAC with BCD-3 CD Player. We heard a few familiar tracks and appreciated the sound but found it slightly uninvolving and one dimensional. The speakers finish was impeccable and to us they were gorgeous.







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