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What Hi-Fi? Show 2017 Mumbai - Show Coverage(Part 2)

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Continuing with our coverage of the What HiFi? Show 2017, Mumbai - We now will start with the rooms we visited on the 14th Floor, which consisted of the following exhibitors:

Cinebels(Klipsch/Jamo) had a room full of live and static demo's of their multimedia speakers, amplifiers, sound bars, head phones, IEM's and so on. Lots to look at and play with. We found the room to be a much better presentation of equipment that one could see and hear.

LG had their room showing their new range of OLED 4K TV's

Innovative Information Technology Ltd. had the following on display: Image Speakers (Floor Standers and Book Shelfs) with Naim Uniti Atom, SuperNait2, Metronome CD Player, Nordost Cables, Isolation Devices and Power Boxes. A Musical Fidelity M3Si was kept on static display. Alex Brady from Nordost and Dan Poulton from Naim Audio were at hand to give an in depth demonstration of their respective products. The room was always filled with people as both these gents did their very best to captivate their audiences with their in depth knowledge of their brand and products.

Vinshek had a room showcasing the Cornered Audio Speakers showcasing their consumer range of speakers, on static and demo. We briefly heard them and they were nice to look at and sound. Sadly, the speakers were not connected with a subwoofer, so we felt the product was not ideally showcased. Team Vinshek were in agreement and put their hand up to acknowledge this fact. Since this was their first consumer audio show participation, they will learn from this experience.


Hermit Audio had an all Gamut demo set up consisting of Gamut speakers and electronics. We found this room to be well setup and both the look and sound of the set up was one of the best if not the best of the show. Mr. Bimal Choksi of Hermit Audio was in charge of the room and gave all the visitors a good idea of what the Gamut sound is all about. We wish Hermit Audio takes part in future shows as well.


KEI had 2 rooms, one with Tannoy DC8 Speakers with Hegel AMplifier and Denon CD Player and the other with Elac Unify Speakers with Primare Amplifier and Denon CD Player. Both were set up by a mutual friend of ours and has been doing so on behalf of KEI for all the shows they participate in. Due to paucity of time we could not spend much time in either rooms but what we heard we liked. We personally liked the Tannoy room better, but the Elac Unify speakers also sounded very good.


Lakozy Impex & Audio Excellence had the following on demo at their suite: PSB Image B5 Speakers with BlueSound PowerNode2 whilst the other room was a dolby atmos configured home theatre using Storm Audio Processor, Power Amp with Legacy Audio Speakers. We barely heard the home theatre as it was already full with visitors hence could not get much of an idea of overall sound. The Legacy Audio Speakers were as usual imposing, with the LCR dominating the room.



What Hi-Fi? Show 2017 Mumbai - Show Coverage(Part 1)

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This years What HiFi? Show 2017, held at Hotel St. Regis - Mumbai was one of the best shows organised by the What HiFi? publication. Kudos to them for learning from their past shows and taking constructive criticism on board which resulted in the show being lauded by the AV industry exhibitors as well as the visitors. We will be covering the entire show in parts, which we will keep updating as we go along.

Part 1

8th Floor Coverage:

The Main venue for visitors registration was on this floor and as soon as people entered the floor from the lifts they were greeted with the B&W Nautilus regally displayed, one piece only though sadly only as a static display in the passage. More on the static B&W's display here>>>

The five staterooms on the floor were taken by M/s.KEI(Elac, Denon), M/s.Cinebels(Jamo, Klipsch, Roksan), M/s.Harman India represented by Fairdeal Electronics(JBL Synthesis, Revel, Lexicon, Mark Levinson), M/s.Cadence Audio(Nagra, Spendor, YG Acoustics, Siltech, Crystal Cables, SME) and lastly M/s.PTC(Focal, Monster, McIntosh, Sonus Faber, Konig, Origin Acoustics, ATI)

We started with the KEI room, which had a couple of Denon Amps/Receivers on static display along with an Atmos demo set up with Elac Speakers and Denon Electronics

The demo was strictly okay, though showcasing of the static display was decent.

We next visited the Cinebels room, which had a lot of equipment on display in a rather haphazard manner. Everything from home theatre set ups to 2 channel set up to static displays were managed in the room. We wanted to hear the Klipsch Cornwalls paired with a Prima Luna Amp & Roksan CD Player. We were informed that the tube amp needs to be kept on for 45 mins to an hour and hence could not be demo'ed as it was currently switched off. We nonetheless requested them to switch it on so that we could hear the set-up once we came back in an hour or so. Sadly, time constraints did not allow us to return to hear them as we had to rush through to cover the rest of the rooms.


The Next room was Harman India's, which was entirely having only static displays of various models of Revel Loudspeakers, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Mark Levinson Electronics. Though well represented, the idea of having static display of everything under 1 room was kind of a let down as most visitors would have loved to hear the Mark Levinson Electronics paired with JBL Everest Speakers or Revel flagship speakers. Sadly, this was not the case. Harman India did have a JBL synthesis home theatre demo on the 15th floor though, which we will cover subsequently.


We now entered the Cadence Audio room where yet again the room consisted of 2 demo set-ups, one having the YG Acoustics Sonja paired with Nagra Mono Block Power amps, Nagra Pre, an SME Turntable and an old Philips RTR Player. The other set up consisted of a pair of Spendor D9 Speakers with Nagra 300B Tube Power Amp, Nagra Pre and Nagra CD Player. All cabling was by siltech. A couple of Spendor speakers were also on static display which am told were played intermittently. We met Mr. Kerry St. James of YG Acoustics, who gave us a whirlwind tour of what YG Acoustics was all about by means of a ipad pictorial presentation, explaining the processes  and technology used to manufacture their speakers. We enjoyed the same post which we briefly heard the 2 demo set-ups as described above. We rather enjoyed both and would specially like to hear the Spendor D9's again as they have an engaging sound. Sadly, we had to rush as time was running out.

The last room on the 8th floor was the PTC room which was like an explosion waiting to happen. Every bit of space was used up to plonk various items, right from Monster Audio cabling, portable speakers, Focal and Sonus Faber speakers, McIntosh Amp/CD Player on static display,  to a full blown atmos home theatre done right in the middle of the room. We were thoroughly confused as we did not know where to start and subsequently finish. A complete mish mash which made us leave as soon as we could.


Off with yer head!!! - RIP subwoofer

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No subwoofer(s) in a home theatre you say, you must be joking? That was me asking a person I have known well & call him ‘Guruji’

He says no, I reply, you must be mad!

Yes, that is exactly the conversation had between me & the guruji a fortnight back.

I had gone to experience a demo with some new components to an earlier set-up but was not told about the omission of the almighty subwoofer in the chain. The demo began, first with some concerts then of movies, all on blurays/dvd’s. This continued for a couple of hours, all going well, the enjoyment factor was at a very high level and all was hunky dory, till the question was asked about the subwoofer being the same as earlier. When guruji replies that there is no subwoofer, the mind immediately rejects the answer received, no it cannot be possible, am not believing what you say! The start to search for the subwoofer begins. Knowing where the earlier one was placed, nope that void is empty & gone! Some head scratching and then you start getting nervous as you know the place well, you know that there is no other place to place the sub in that room, yet you continue to search, albeit with no success. I slump into the recliner and continue doubting what just happened. Guruji is watching and having a hearty laugh, bordering on the evil kind. Just then the gent who owns the place, Mr. PS walks in, sees that look of discomfort on my face and says,  ‘ hi, you just learnt that there is no subwoofer in the room, correct?’ I look at him dazed and confused, he has a wry chuckle and continues, ‘yes, that is what happened to me as well – infact I still cannot believe that guruji pulled this off’ More laughter from guruji and Mr.PS continues to share his experience whilst am lost in my thoughts & in my mind I am starting to say in a looped chorus  ‘We are not worthy, we are not worthy’.

This then was my experience of a home theatre done, minus a subwoofer. Something that is considered sacrilege in the minds of the industry stalwarts. Hey, it’s possible. Yes, there are couple of factors to be kept in mind in order to achieve this. Is it going to be done cheaply, I don’t know – yes ofcourse I know, No it can’t be done cheaply!  As the saying goes, all good things in life are expensive holds true.

Now I am a believer – am here to state this to whomsoever is willing to listen, please do experience what I just experienced. Just connect with me for arranging the same.

Welcome to the new world, welcome to the new age !!!

 PS: Pictorial references given to this article as I found it pertinent to connect the ground making movie 'A Orange Clockwork' as the theme of the article.

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