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  • Paradigm Shift A2 Bookshelf Speakers (Polar White)Paradigm Shift A2 Bookshelf Speakers (Polar White)Category: ActiveCreated: 26 Jul 2018Description: Brand New Paradigm A2 Shift Active Book Shelf Speakers Color: Polar White Condition: Brand New Sealed Box Packed SpecificationsE-mail:
  • PeachTree Sona Power Amplifier (Black)PeachTree Sona Power Amplifier (Black)Category: Multi Channel Power AmplifierCreated: 26 Jul 2018Description: Brand New Peachtree Sona Power Amplifier Color: Black body wit Silver Face Plate Box Packing: Available Condition: Brand New Sealed Pack SpecificationsE-mail:
  • Arcam FMJ-A38 (Black)Arcam FMJ-A38 (Black)Category: IntegratedCreated: 26 Jul 2018Description: New Old Stock Arcam FMJ-A38 Integrated Amplifier Color - Black Condition - New Box Packing - Available SpecificationsE-mail:
  • Arcam FMJ-CD17 (Black)Arcam FMJ-CD17 (Black)Category: CD Players / TransportsCreated: 26 Jul 2018Description: Its a well known fact that the FMJ line of CD players were built exceptionally well and sound very good for its priceMore information can be found from tons of reviews available on the internet CD17 Specifications  E-mail:
  • Dali Mentor Menuet Book Shelf Speakers - WhiteDali Mentor Menuet Book Shelf Speakers - WhiteCategory: BookshelfCreated: 26 Jul 2018Description: New old stock of Dali Mentor Menuet Book Shelf Speakers Condition - Brand New Finish - Gloss White Retail Price - 1.02L Selling for almost half the price!E-mail:
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