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At Absolute Phase, we know that music & movies are very essential. It always has been! We are a three decade company and we have been featured thrice in FORBES INDIA magazine, The Economics Times, The Business Week & TOI.
Music is art, emotion & passion! Music is entertainment and comfort. We can be touched by the delicate poetry within music; our hearts can dance within the weave of the rhythms or we can swim in waves of palpable sound. Music nourishes us on almost all levels: intellectual, emotional & visceral. We love to enjoy it as a community and just by ourselves. Music is one of the simple mysterious joys of being alive.
We live in a very luck time for music lovers. Before the 20th century to hear music you had to make music yourself or be within earshot of others who were making music. Just imagine a moment, what that means about the music you would have heard in any given past time and place. How many different pieces? How often? Moreover, how well played!
That is why Absolute Phase is here – to bring all this available to you in whatever way matters most to you. If your passion is for the highest possible fidelity in music reproduction, Absolute Phase is here for you with the finest two-channel (Stereo) systems available. Yes! Stereo is still the way to the most faithful music reproduction possible. With only two speakers, our stereo systems are capable of breathtaking dimensionality & sonic beauty. We embrace all latest technologies and we are ready to build the best possible system for you at any desired budget.
If you love to hear music throughout your entire home with the touch-one-button convenience. Absolute Phase is here for you with the finest custom & multi-room systems. Our consultants help you plan your dream system and then realize simple background systems or a remarkably flexible system with keypad or touch-screen remote control.
And of course, if you desires lean towards Cinema Verite’, we’ve got you covered. Many audiophiles today do not know it, but hi-end audio originally grew out of commercial movie theatre sound systems. The equipment that theatres used was the first equipment that home enthusiasts had at their disposal. “Now everything old is new again”; a new wave has swept over home entertainment, both inspired and informed by the surround sound systems and wide movie screens of modern commercial theatres – it is “Home Theatre” & it is at Absolute Phase. We’re here with the latest video projectors, OLED Panels, surround sound processors, multi-channel power amps, loudspeakers, home theatre recliners, acoustic treatment & cables. You name it & we have it. If not we will go out our way to see we got it for you too. So pass the popcorn!
Any combination of the above is available through Absolute Phase. If you want state-of-the-art 2-channel & home theatre in the same room – no problem. IF you want multi-room with a dedicated enthusiast’s listening room as a part of it, completely interfaced to the overall system – no problem. If you want Home Theatre & your designer says the entire home theatre absolutely must disappear at the tough of a button – again no problem.
Absolute Phase will continue to use whatever technologies evolve in the 21st century to ensure that music and movies are ever more enjoyable for you. That why we professionals are here with over 28 years of experience.

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