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Mola-Mola designs highly neutral and transparent amplifiers and converters with the clear aim of making them sonically disappear from the signal.


Country of origin: The Netherlands


Year of establishment: 2012


AV Product Line (Consumer) of significance * - MAKUA pre-amplifier, KALUGA power amplifier.


India specific operation - http://absolutesound.in


Mola-Mola was established by Bruno Putzeys and Jan-Peter van Amerongen, best known for the Ncore line of amplifier circuits. Their intention is to bring the ultimate expression of these amplification technologies directly to the consumer. The Kaluga power amplifiers deliver the absolute best that Ncore is capable of, while the Makua preamplifier extends the same design philosophy – absolute truth to the signal – to volume control, phono preamplifiers and converters. All circuitry is designed in house at transistor level.


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