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Naim Audio (pronounced "name") is a British manufacturer of high fidelity audio products for domestic use, based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Founded in 1973, it is a highly successful and well-established high-end European audio brand. Let the voice of Naim take you inside the music. Naim founder Julian Vereker MBE (1945-2000) was a racing car driver, entrepreneur and self-taught engineer with a deep passion for music. Spending his spare time listening to and recording his friends playing live in the 1960s, Julian found that playback on his system at home fell woefully short of the experience he craved. Not content with second best he decided to design his own amplifiers and loudspeakers, ignoring accepted wisdom and focusing on aspects of performance that made music burst to life. These first designs laid the foundations for a range of iconic and award-winning hi-fi products that would reach well into the next century. This maverick approach to design, backed by 40 years of engineering and craft, fuels our progress today.


Choose Naim to go deeper into your music for a completely immersive and involving listening experience.


Country Of Origin: U.K.

Year of Establishment: 1973


Product Line: CD Players, Streaming & Multi Room Audio, Digital To Analogue Converters, Amplifiers, Power Supplies, Loud Speakers, Accessories


Naim began when Julian Vereker started Naim Audio Visual in 1969 and created a sound-to-light box which he hired out to film production companies. His disappointment with the sound of professional recording equipment at the time led him to design his own power amplifier. The company Naim Audio, was incorporated in 1973. Sailing against the conventional wisdom dating back to audio pioneer Edgar Villchur that the loudspeakers determined the sound of a hi-fi system, and that amplifiers were simply a means to an end in moving the speakers, Vereker set about to put his ideas into practice.



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