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Providing the best assemblage of a high-end Audio and Video products since 1999, Sound and Vision is the place for audio enthusiasts and novel sound production technologies. The company has transcended the standards of recreation in homes, clubs, hotels, studios, and all kinds domestic spaces.

We work towards making recreation a captivating experience, unlocking every element of the artist in your music collection.Sound and Vision encompasses a wide array of very high end Loudspeakers, Cd Players, Amplifiers,Projectors, Cables and everything to do with a complete audio-visual experience. At Sound and Vision, we provide global expertise and custom installations to suit your senses. With a team of leading design houses and architects, we can help you build your dream theatre and enjoy a melange of fine acoustics with meticulous aesthetics.

We have an established dealer network across India who cater to the Elite clientele. Our goal is to be one of the finest providers of Home Theatre ensembles. We exclusively distribute across India world-renowned brands like California Audio Technology, RBH, Cyrus Audio, Advance Acoustics, Unison Research, Van Den Hul and the likes.

Our goal is to define and renew the standards of modern Home Theatres and to offer exclusive services available to none other.



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