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Rellingen, 20. August 2015 – MusicCast finally unites what belongs together – on a highend hifi-level. By developing MusicCast, Yamaha has created a revolutionary generation of audio products, which has far more to offer than just multi room. MusicCast includes almost every component in its connected audio world – whether it is the hifi receiver, the stereo active speaker system or the Dolby Atmos AV receiver.

R-N602: first-class MusicCast stereo receiver

The name of Yamaha’s new product line-up clearly indicates what music enthusiast can expect in their homes: music in its purest form. Which is exactly what the new R-N602 delivers – in stunning quality. Two discrete amplifiers with generous 100 Watts will reliably push even big speakers to maximum efficiency. The receiver benefits from the elaborate European fine-tuning and its first-class parts. Audio signals get to the R-N602 either via one of its six inputs (optical, coax, phono and 3x analogue) or simply and conveniently via the MusicCast network. Streaming services like Napster or Spotify are available at any given time as well. But the R-N602 can dish out as well as receive: All the connected audio sources are available throughout the whole MusicCast network.

AV receiver series RX-V and AVENTAGE: MusicCast for the home cinema

The AV receiver will become an even more versatile centre of your home cinema in the future: Thanks to their MusicCast integration, the up-to-date Yamaha AV receivers belonging to the RX-V79 and RX-A50 series are not only able to access the countless sources which are plugged into them, but all MusicCast components as well. Those receivers are already available in stores and will get a free firmware update as soon as MusicCast is introduced – instantly making them full-fledged members of the new product world! Whilst the RX-V79 series has been designed for newbies as well as sophisticated users, the products of the AVENTAGE RX-A50 series are aimed at the audiophile home cinema enthusiast with highest expectations where sound is concerned. These AV receivers also deliver all the audio signals of connected sources to the network – including the feedback channel of a plugged-in TV. The TV, combined with the AV receiver, offers another very useful feature: The receiver has a separate subsection for MusicCast in its intuitive on-screen display and can utilize the big screen as a hub for the whole system.

Grand PianoCraft: the next generation of the legendary micro hifi series

The PianoCraft series is easily one of the most famous Yamaha audio products to date, which is why it simply has to be a part of the MusicCast product-world as well. Yamaha will therefore release two new, particularly classy versions as part of its new multi-room product line-up bearing the illustrious name Grand PianoCraft: the MCR-N670 and the MCR-N870. Both products have been largely shaped by the decades of experience in the field of audio and hifi the Japanese manufacturer has amassed. Because of this, Grand PianoCraft amplifiers and CD-players are built as two separate components to rule out sonic interaction between the two. Both versions feature – like all other MusicCast components as well – WiFi, Bluetooth and Airplay. On top of that, the components can effortlessly access numerous music-streaming services and make them available in the whole network. Other sources include your CD player, FM tuner or other external sources connected via optical, cinch or mini stereo jack. In contrast to the MCR-N670, the MCR-N870 has a high-class USB-DAC (32 Bit, 384 kHz) inlet and will be bundled with the more powerful NS-BP401 speakers.

NX-N500: fully-active hifi stereo speaker set

Yamaha has long-standing and detailed experience regarding the construction of premium-class hifi speakers and active studio monitors. This accumulated knowledge of the Japanese manufacturer proofed to be very helpful in designing the fully active hifi speaker NX-N500. Thus providing the music fan with a self-sufficient high-fidelity audio system with MusicCast support in every single room. What is good enough for a recording studio will also inspire the sound of hifi speakers: Therefore both units of the stereo-system have their own separate power connection. Furthermore, the NX-N500 is capable of internal bi-amping, providing every speaker with two discrete amplifiers. Both components are connected via balanced XLR. Equally convincing is the connectivity of the NX-N500: an optical input and a mini stereo jack port provide a large range of possible connections with classic sources. Even more appealing to many audiophile listeners will be the premium-class Steinberg USB-DAC (32 Bit, 384 kHz) which links PCs and laptops directly to the system.

MusicCast app for easy management via smartphone and Tablet-PC

All the technical finesse of the hardware set aside, the Yamaha MusicCast app for iOS and Android is mainly one thing: easy to use. The customizable start screen provides users with a neat overview of all available MusicCast components and their current status. You can also choose the audio-source, adjust the volume as well as other settings in detail – if needed. Using the app, the setup is done in no time: You just buy, unwrap and start to enjoy! The fully active speaker NX-N500 will be available in stores from August 2015. The two new models of Grand PianoCraft (MCR-N670 and MCR-N870) and the stereo-hifi receiver RN602 will follow up in October 2015. Already available are numerous new models of the RX-V79 and RX-A50 AV receiver series. These high-class home-cinema control centres can now be completely embedded into the MusicCast product-world by downloading a free firmware update.

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