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WRITTEN BY PULASTYASound & Vision is proud to announce their appointment as the India distributor for DreamVision projectors. Located in Paris, France – DreamVision is a 20 year old privately owned projector brand. The range primarily consists of 4 models that are based on 3 chip LCOS Siglos series with 4K & 3D support. Also available is the BEST Passive 3d polariser kit for the siglos series. Other than the siglos series, they offer an ultra short model laser based model and the very compact Dreamy Geek II. Advanced quality precision zoom lenses offer both aspect rations – 16:9 and 2.35:1 without the need of an anamorphic lens. The siglos series is available in standard finishes of Gloss Black & White. Also available are Red Gloss & Matt Black/White for an additional upcharge. You may also choose from the hundreds of Custom RAL colours for the projector cabinet based on the client/architect’s requirements. Virtually any colour that you can possibly think of. For more information, please visit