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M/s. Sound & Vision have been appointed as the exclusive distributors for VELOX 4K UHD Active Hdmi Cables that are ASSEMBLED IN THE US.

Press release as received from Sound & Vision: This is the only copper based cable brand in the world to GUARANTEE 4K UHD 18GBPS bandwidth (Hdmi 2.0A/HDR specs) up to 15 metres in length. It is also the ONLY brand that is not just certified by Hdmi’s ATCs but also by the most reliable and reputable company – DPL Labs. Furthermore, the ONLY brand to be using the most advanced chip module on the planet – TARGA 2 (with EDID repair). Velox 4K UHD Hdmi cables incorporate an innovative new version of a symmetrical HDCP & EDID rise time accelerator for both data and clock lines on the I2C bus. This eliminates EDID errors and (because the repair is bidirectional) ensures that the HDCP handshaking occurs reliably, guaranteeing signal integrity & synchronisation.

The cables also include the unique interchangeable colour-coding scheme for cable identification and management – 6 variants.

The latest in HDMI 4K UHD, 4:4:4 & HDR support, Velox is the highest performing cable on the market today. Available in lengths from 1 metre to 15 metres. Also for those of you who cannot change cables in an existing install, do not be disappointed, we have an exceptional solution for you integrators if your client upgrades to a 4k UHD Player/TV/Projector. The all new (DPL Labs certified) Ethereal 18Gbps HDM-GA1 Gigabit Accelerator can turn any 24 gauge Hdmi 10.2Gbps (Hdmi 1.4 spec) cable to 18Gbps up to 15 metres. Also with the HDM-GA1 accelerator placed in between our MHX series passive Hdmi cables 17mt + 2mt, we guarantee 18Gbps performance up to 19 metres.