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Cedia had their Manufacturer Product Training & Connect – Mumbai, at Hotel Hilton on the 4th of December 2017. Stealth Acoustics and CasaDigi had presentations on their respective products and technologies showcased as per their slots during the whole day. The idea of this event being to educate the audio/video industry members to understand new products on offer as well as hands on training on installation of the same.

Stealth Acoustics showcased their range of invisible speakers and subwoofers along with their outdoor range of speakers under the stingray brand. Brian Azzano – Sales Manager, Stealth Acoustics was at hand to provide technical and install related information on the range of products from stealth acoustics.


CasaDigi, comprising of Ashish Tijare, Tejal Sheth and their technical team demonstrated how easy it is to set up their new automation ecosystem called Academi, which is a dedicated solution for a single room that can control the lighting, airconditioning, audio/video operations of a home cinema. Academi also has a great feature of media ingestion into its platform, which currently is the USP of CasaDigi. We were extremely impressed with Academi and see a lot of potential in the same being implemented in future home cinema’s across the globe. Thanks to CasaDigi, we will be covering the entire operating procedures of Academi in the near future.



Overall, Cedia is doing stellar work in organising such events, which we feel are the need of the hour to not only educate the av industry professionals but also to elevate the standards of installations done by various av professionals across India.