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Genelec, the renowned Active Monitors manufacturer from Finland, launched their new line up of monitors called The Ones, in Mumbai on the 15th of February 2018. This was their first leg of the launch of The Ones in India, which is consequently taking place in Bangalore, Chennai & New Delhi on the 17th, 19th & 21st of February 2018. We were invited to the launch which had Mr. Siamak Naghian(MD – Genelec), Mr. Aki Makivirta(R&D Manager – Genelec) & Mr.Thomas Lund(Senior Technologist – Genelec) present for the occasion. The Genelec India team comprised of Mr. Clifford Pereira(Genelec India), M/s. Sound Team & M/s. Pandam Audio, who organised the Mumbai event.

The program kicked off with Mr. Thomas Lund speaking on the topic of Loudness Standards and what have been the effects of the same over the years on the recording and mastering fronts. We heard various clips of sound tracks that were showcasing the ill effects of the loudness wars that have taken place to the detriment of the quality of the sound.

Post lunch, it was the the turn of Mr. Siamak Naghian to say a few words about Genelec and also to thank the attendees for coming for their event. Mr. Aki Makivirta then spoke about the construction and design of The Ones and further explained the benefits of the technology behind the coaxial family of The Ones across the model range which consisted of 8331, 8341 and 8351. Mr. Aki Makivirta then spoke about immersive audio and how one can benefit from having accurate soundstage based on the principles of room design, treatment and speakers placement.

Unfortunately the room of the venue selected was less than optimal for The Ones to showcase their capabilities and hence we were not able to listen to The Ones as desired.

Post a vote of thanks from Clifford Pereira, the event was concluded and the attendees were handed out product catalogue of The Ones.

We now look forward to having an indepth listen to The Ones in future, which Mr. Clifford Pereira has promised to fulfill.

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