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Kripa Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. (KEI) recently had their 2017 edition of their Dealer Meet @ the Hotel Conrad, Pune. We were invited by the good folk at KEI to witness their event and also to be updated about the brands they are representing in India in the Home & Pro Audio Segments as well as witness new product launches. The event was from the 12th to the 14th of October 2017, with time slots dedicated for not only the brands representatives to speak about their companies vision for the Indian market but also for conducting workshops/training sessions for their brands various products and their applications.

Mr. Sanjay Chawla, the boss man at KEI inaugurated the event and made a key note speech of what the vision for KEI will be for the coming future.

Some key personnel attending the event were as follows:

From Left to Right:

Nishant Padhiar – Editor, Stuff(India)

Alankara Santhana –  General Manager, Sound United

Joe De Jesus – Director(Global Sales), Totem Acoustic

Robin Ghose – Country Manager(India), Audio Technica

Bodo Falkenried – Head, Global Business Development & Chandan Mahtani – MD(Singapore), LD Systems

Monika Lowe – International Sales & Andrew Jones – VP(Engineering), ELAC

Graeme Stevenson – Technical Manager, Audac

We witnessed the launch of the following products during the event:


Concentro Speakers – the flagship product of ELAC were launched in India

Miracord 90 Belt Drive Turntable

Adante AS-61 & AF-61 Speakers

Cinema 5 – 5.1 HT Speaker Package

Totem Acoustic: (From left to right)

Sky Tower Speakers

Tribe Tower Speakers

Signature One Book Shelf Speakers

LD Systems:

Maui 900 by Porsche Design Studio (In Silver)

In addition to the above, the entire KEI Team members were present in full force and they were responsible for displaying and assisting in set ups of the various brands represented by KEI. Kudos to the KEI Team for ensuring a near seamless presentation of the brands they represent and also tirelessly looking after all the guests and dealers invited for this event.

A big thank you also to Mr. Sanjay Chawla, for having the gumption and vision to undertake such a massive event, to delegate various agencies to manage such an event and also to ensure one to one contact with all invited as that really makes a lot of difference to all concerned. KEI has set the standard for what should be a roadmap for all in the industry to follow, to ensure not only growth but also foster good will and friendship amongst all involved at some level or the other in the AV industry of India.

Chapeau Time!