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M/s. Visual Vibrations Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur – the distributors for Krix Audio, organised a meet and greet with Mr. Ashley Krix, who is the Director – Purchasing and Production at Krix Audio.

About Krix Audio:

A passion for sound – It was 1974, the Vietnam war was still raging, cyclone Tracy was whirling its way to Darwin and David Bowie was singing about Diamond Dogs. Listening to records on his own hand built stereo system, a young, bright-eyed, long haired, music lover, Scott Krix who had just graduated from University as an electronic engineer, had an epiphany. Getting together with a mate from his home town of Loxton, Scott opened the Acoustic Foundry in Goodwood, Adelaide. He’d been making speakers for his family, friends, and mates of mates for years. He loved the sensation he got when dropping the pin on a new record, hearing the sound of it envelope the room, feeling his hair stand up on end. 

Subsequent to the meet and greet, Vikas Kothari, MD – Visual Vibrations Pvt. Ltd. and his team gave us invitees a demo of the Krix MX-30 Speakers consisting of the the LCR channels along with dual subwoofers. The surround speakers used were Ultraphonix.


We shall be writing a mini review on the above set-up in the near future, stay tuned!