PMC Loudspeakers were present during this year’s Palm India Expo 2016, held between 26th & 28th of May 2016. A dedicated listening room was constructed for the same by the PMC India Distributor, Mr. Khusrau Jilla of M/s. Nexus Audio Video. We were invited to have a listen to the¬†PMC IB2SA¬†Monitors, that were fully active with DSP. Music was played via AVM8.2 Tube CD Transport connected to an AES3 Balanced Input of the PMCIB2SA Monitors. The IB2SA Monitors come with a RJ45 Connected Wired Remote which aids in configuring the DSP settings & Enables Volume Control to the PMC IB2SA Monitors. Inspite of the surrounding environment and limitations of the room they were placed in, the PMC IB2SA Monitors sounded really good. What was very evident is that once you have the ideal room environment, the PMC IB2SA Monitors are very capable to get the best out of the music as far as detail, depth and dynamics are concerned. We look forward to hearing them in future, hopefully in the right environment. Kudos to Mr. Khusrau Jilla, for giving a taste of these Monitors to the trade visitors and general public attending the Palm Expo 2016. Mr. Chris Allen, Export Sales(Pro) – PMC Loudspeakers, was also at hand to answer specific queries related to the PMC Range of Monitors.

We clicked some pictures as attached below: