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  • WRITTEN BY DENOM a dedicated site related to all thing Vinyl is now up and running. We received the following press release from the people behind recordplayer as follows:

” We, at firmly believe that the emotional connect with music can only be achieved in the analog domain, hence we have carefully chosen the brands and models that will provide the music enthusiast with that emotional connect to his/her music as well as provide a trouble free process to acquire the same. We take the trouble to identify the right brand/model for the end user and ensure that the selection made is in line with his requirements and budget. All of our products(Turntables, Cartrdiges & Accessories) listed are brand new and the brands are officially represented in India. All selling related to these brands & products is done directly by the respective distributor(s) for whom we are doing marketing. We intend to satisfy the growing market of audio enthusiasts with the right advise, selection and service! Happy buying and enjoy the music! ”