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We are delighted to announce that our friends at M/s. Sound By Design, Gurgaon have been appointed as the distributor for the classic and iconic Sonneteer Alabaster Amplifier, made by M/s. FTM Marketing Limited, UK.

A little write up we received from M/s. Sound By Design Boss – Mr. Sid Trehan

I had to mail the company literally to recheck if this is a 55w amplifier and was reconfirmed that yes sir it is and please enjoy your music. Don’t just go by wattage, as the Amplifier is muscled with a beefy power supply which mostly gets compromised by some.

Well, I received stocks in India last week last week but I got the time only today to listen to this raved amplifier. And I can tell that much from having heard 5 other brands with us, that this relatively reasonably known humble amplifier is the most outstanding piece I have heard.

If you are familiar with tube amps and their lush easy sound, listening to this, One feels as if it’s the tube amplifier playing. But it ain’t. Listen again and it shall feel like that still. Shake your head in disbelief and it leaves you with a beautiful smile and sense of accomplishment.

The presentation across the band is beautifully textured and spacious. With the juice I’m every note. There is no part of the frequency that remains unaddressed. Highs are smooth and instruments have air around them. The surprise were the vocals too, they were not flat but had a texture to them as if vocal chords had a depth to them. Extremely beautiful. Truly so.

And boy what a foot tapping happy sound and punchy bass just like Wyred 4 Sound mINT integrated which is strong in other respect with plethora of inputs and form factor, was also with us in the room to compare.

Built like a tank with chassis having a Satin rubbery feel to it with solid feel to the knobs. The amp is a great investment for anyone looking for sheer musicality with a 3 dimensional sound stage that encompasses height, depth and width like anyone would expect of a high end system. This amp is everything good. Some may not like a missing USB input and but it does come with an mm input.

With the 330VA ready power supply, the amplifier rated at 55w seems and sounds everything like a high end pre/power combination. As soon as you get your hands on this amplifier, it tick marks the checklist of any demanding music leaving its strong impression that Alabaster is everything about the music to the core. A long music session with it awaits.

The first batch of Alabaster’s are already in their possession and one can avail of a demo with prior appointment. For further details kindly contact us