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Yamaha Music India had a media event on the 14th of March 2016, at DOLBY India – Mumbai, to showcase their flagship dolby atmos enabled sound bar called the Yamaha YSP5600

The YSP5600 is a hefty soundbar having 32 tiny speakers arranged in an array in the centre with 2 mid-bass woofers flanking them on each side. On the extreme ends on both sides of the sound bar are 6 similar to the array sized speakers that are honeycomb mounted in such a way that they are facing upwards towards the ceiling and these perform during the atmos content that is there in the played media, be it movies, music or the dolby atmos clips that are made to highlight the atmos effect. Each speaker has its own dedicated amplification that is attached directly to each speaker unit. The size of the YSP5600 is huge and it is quite heavy as well. It comes with its dedicated mounting bracket for enabling it to be mounted on the wall or it can be placed on a furniture / rack directly below the TV unit.

At the beginning of the demo, we were given a brief presentation about the way the YSP5600 is constructed and how Yamaha initially started off with the concept using a prototype having 256 drive units! We were also shown how the whole speakers sound is intended to bounce off the reflective surfaces of a room in order to make the sound bar perform to its potential. This was done in the form of going through the extensive menu that is provided access to via the relatively slim and intuitive remote control that comes along with the YSP5600 Soundbar.

At the end of the day the YSP5600 soundbar is intended to be a relatively easy and painless solution to the end user who has simply no time or patience to set up a dedicated Multi Speaker with AVR Set-up, or simply wants a clutter free product to be placed in the bedroom under the TV. That the YSP5600 delivers on both counts is testimony to Yamaha’s advanced know how with their YSP range of sound bars of which the flagship model is deservingly the YSP5600. The retail price of the YSP5600 is Rs.1.50L

The video below shows all the features of the YSP5600 and how one can maximise its potential with the on board Music Cast Software, that is easily accessible via an app installed on a hand held device.