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Just heard about the passing of Mr. Bobby Palkovich, creator of the Merlin Speakers, through a friend of mine early in the morning. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Rich Brkich : I am greatly saddened to report the loss of my long time friend Bobby Palkovich, President of Merlin Music Systems. Apparently more distraught than I had ever thought about business, other personal issues and the toll they must have been taking on his state of mind, it saddens me greatly to report Bobby took his own life last Thursday, August 20th. I will always remember him as the bright and quick witted and sometimes just plain crabby (generally amusingly so) lovable character that he was. Doing the many trade shows, road trips, and other events we did together over the years were always interesting and fun experiences. They are my fondest memories of him. His memory will live on not only in all those who knew him, but also in the hundreds/thousands of pairs of Merlin speakers in peoples homes that he crafted with a dedication and passion) that was probably unrivaled in the high end audiophile community. No shrinking violet, he would defend his friends and speakers to the hilt if he felt they where unfairly slighted. Making them and seeing or hearing from people how much they enjoyed them was, I’m sure, one of his greatest joys. Rest in peace my dear friend.

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