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Our friends hosting the Indian DJ Expo have sent us some information about their DJ Expo being held at Pragati Maiden, New Delhi, from 30th June – 2nd July 2016.


Beatroots Expo and Publications is proud to present India’s first ever exposition on the DJ and his environment, Indian DJ Expo is designed and produced with the support of like-minded entrepreneurs involved in the business of entertainment, coupled with an experience that understands the philosophy for the industry and by the industry. The expo aims to cultivate itself as the Entertainment industry’s best-attended, most-successful trade show which brings a strong content of high end technology and innovation offering exhibitors and there customers a privileged platform in the world of entertainment. Indian DJ Expo is determined to create a great synergy between the brand representatives end the trade/end-users the key players that mean business.\ The Indian DJ Expo will be held at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, the international destination for prestigious exhibitions, having the best facilities and a landmark known to everyone in the trade.


It takes on rocket science to understand markets and how they are faring. It has also become simpler to determine and predict the steady growth of certain market segments especially when one monitors the steady investments pouring in. One such market, the INDIA DJ Expo is all set to cater to, is the Music and Entertainment market. This industry is guesstimated to grow around 30% in 2015 – 2016 taking into consideration the commercials, we hear and have witnessed cautious but intellectual investments into new sound and lighting gear into newly commissioned Night Clubs, Resto-Bar, Lounges, Cafes-Bar. Add to that the revamps happening in entertainment spaces all over India, restaurants making space for DJ booths to entertain their customers. The make over was definitely due, but now gaining reasonable speed. Another sector where we see a radical change is the numerous Music Festivals with a line-up of the best DJs both local as well as international. From a few music concerts that would seldom be held, India now boasts of a Music Festival being held in every major metro and developing cities providing an opportunity for sound rental companies to add to their existing inventory new gear to cater to the overwhelming demand of stage shows practically every week. Television shows too are bolstering the growth in business for DJ gear, Club & touring sound, entertainment lighting, stage gear, LED & Video Mapping solutions. INDIAN DJ Expo 2015 in New Delhi brings you closer to these market segments. Come exploit the potential offered at this unique platform.

Indian DJ Expo 2016