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No subwoofer(s) in a home theatre you say, you must be joking? That was me asking a person I have known well & call him ‘Guruji’

He says no, I reply, you must be mad!

Yes, that is exactly the conversation had between me & the guruji a fortnight back.

I had gone to experience a demo with some new components to an earlier set-up but was not told about the omission of the almighty subwoofer in the chain. The demo began, first with some concerts then of movies, all on blurays/dvd’s. This continued for a couple of hours, all going well, the enjoyment factor was at a very high level and all was hunky dory, till the question was asked about the subwoofer being the same as earlier. When guruji replies that there is no subwoofer, the mind immediately rejects the answer received, no it cannot be possible, am not believing what you say! The start to search for the subwoofer begins. Knowing where the earlier one was placed, nope that void is empty & gone! Some head scratching and then you start getting nervous as you know the place well, you know that there is no other place to place the sub in that room, yet you continue to search, albeit with no success. I slump into the recliner and continue doubting what just happened. Guruji is watching and having a hearty laugh, bordering on the evil kind. Just then the gent who owns the place, Mr. PS walks in, sees that look of discomfort on my face and says,  ‘ hi, you just learnt that there is no subwoofer in the room, correct?’ I look at him dazed and confused, he has a wry chuckle and continues, ‘yes, that is what happened to me as well – infact I still cannot believe that guruji pulled this off’ More laughter from guruji and Mr.PS continues to share his experience whilst am lost in my thoughts & in my mind I am starting to say in a looped chorus  ‘We are not worthy, we are not worthy’.

This then was my experience of a home theatre done, minus a subwoofer. Something that is considered sacrilege in the minds of the industry stalwarts. Hey, it’s possible. Yes, there are couple of factors to be kept in mind in order to achieve this. Is it going to be done cheaply, I don’t know – yes ofcourse I know, No it can’t be done cheaply!  As the saying goes, all good things in life are expensive holds true.

Now I am a believer – am here to state this to whomsoever is willing to listen, please do experience what I just experienced. Just connect with me for arranging the same.

Welcome to the new world, welcome to the new age !!!

PS: Pictorial references given to this article as I found it pertinent to connect the ground making movie ‘A Orange Clockwork‘ as the theme of the article.