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During the recently held Palm Expo 2017, we met with Jacob Abraham, who is the founder of Rontek Systems, Bangalore. We have known Jacob for almost 2 years now and each time we meet him, he comes across as an unassuming gentleman who is passionate and focused about achieving certain goals in life.

Jacob took part in the palm expo for the first time and during our interaction with him and on learning about his amplifiers, power conditioners, sequencers and management control systems we decided to write an article on him and his company.

Jacob was always into the music scene and in his teens made his own guitar amp which lead to him making amplifiers and speakers as a hobby. His friends pestered him to make the same for them and that’s how Jacob realised that he had an opportunity to make a career in the electronics manufacturing industry, thereby leading him to start Rontek Systems in the year 1996. Since day one, Rontek Systems had an inhouse R&D team and manufacturing facility with the focus being on need based solutions power electronics. Initially focusing on supplying to the telecom and electronic weighing scale manufacturing industries, Rontek Systems shifted its attention to the audio industry, as that was where Jacob’s passion really was. The product range of amplifiers and speakers initially focussed on the home audio front but subsequently also catered to the retail and hospitality segments, with products specifically designed with meeting their requirements. In the following years, the role of being consultants and system integrators was added to their repertoire with the focus being on dedicated home theaters, during which they also represented certain foreign AV brands. Jacob however, was passionate about designing and building products in India under his own brand which led to Rontek Systems coming full circle and going back to its roots. Inspite of growing demand, Rontek Systems still manufacturers inhouse in India with all inputs from an evolved R&D team consisting of musicians and sound engineers.

What is also very noteworthy about Rontek Systems is the fact that the majority of the workforce consists of women through a ‘Social Enterprise’ Model, that empowers women from weaker sections of the society coming from bangalore city and certain surrounding rural parts of India. We really appreciate and commend Rontek Systems for having the vision of not only training the workforce with skills that ensure that they can earn a decent living based on the same, but also to give back to the society in a desirable manner.

Rontek Systems currently are present in three verticals:

Audio Equipment for Commercial Installations

Dedicated Home Theatres

Professional Audio


Rontek Systems