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One starts somewhere, the journey begins, find things along the way that work or sometimes do not, then move ahead, discovers new things, contemplate, take a call and be surprised that the call made was worth the effort! A friend of mine was on one of such journeys. He started making his own speakers using full range drivers and enclosure plans as provided by the driver manufacturer. Having a creative bent of mind, he started first with cosmetics of the enclosure and then decided to tweak the design using mathematical formulae to subtly modify the established design to a level that would ultimately give him the satisfaction of making something bearing his own implementation over the established design thereby also trying something new. He accomplished his goal of doing so and started hunting for a suitable amplifier to match his speakers, whilst maintaining an analogue source to go along the route. He managed to zero in on the amplifier and ordered the same.

Having completed his music set-up, he began inviting people over to listening sessions. People with varying insights in the hobby of music came by. Some appreciated his work some did not. He, in the meantime was after optimizing the set-up based on his experience and on inputs he received from people whose ears he trusted. Whilst all this happened over a period of time, he somehow lost his interest in the current set-up and went on to designing a new pair of speakers for himself, keeping the philosophy he had implemented during the design process of his first speakers. Having learnt quite a few things the hard way during the construction of his first speakers, he decided to become more methodical and subsequently tried to ensure that his new speaker’s project was deemed to be a success right off the very first attempt. Meanwhile, the earlier speakers made by him were relegated to another room where they basically augmented his movie watching experience. Since he desired to leave no stone un turned with his new speaker’s performance, he decided to upgrade his amplifier and source(s). He went from an integrated amplifier to a pre-power amplifier combination. The analogue source in the form of a Turn Table was also upgraded to a higher specification Turntable with appropriate cart and phono stage, which was custom designed as per his requirements. He also paid attention to cables and upgraded the necessary interconnects and speaker cables which would become part of his new set-up. After a couple of set-backs and a sufficiently long passage of time, he managed to ready his new speakers and commenced a new journey into the world of audio once again. The new speakers no doubt sounded better than his first attempt with the earlier speakers and for a while he was reveling in the satisfaction he got from achieving his goal. Then came another round of listening sessions with new and old acquaintances/friends. Again, he received mixed reviews from them and once again was left in a quandary as certain deficiencies were highlighted by people who had experienced a good level of audio set-ups and had developed a ear for identifying issues in a given set-up. He himself also started to get an idea of the areas of concern for which he tuned the set-up further by means of changing cables and further optimization of the set-up which gave him the desired results. At this stage he was very happy to have achieved the maximum he could have out of the system set-up in place and hence was looking out for a new challenge to come across. He decided to put his current set-up for sale and thanks to a word being spread in known circles, managed to find a buyer for the same. Having nothing but his old speakers and his Turn Table with him, he decided to look at designing new speakers as his next project.

The old speakers were there but now since he had no amplifier, he was wondering what to pair with them next, as a stop gap till he finalized his new speakers design. As a quirk of fate, he went over to a friend who at that moment had a modest all in one with him that was in the midst of having a review conducted for. As luck would have it, he went to this friends place for a casual listening session and that is where something clicked! Having heard the all in one unit with a pair of old speakers that he had heard in his childhood, it gave him a gut feeling that the all in one in question would work with his old speakers and hence requested his friend to loan the unit to him for a couple of hours. It worked! Beautifully! He was overjoyed at the synergy and hence decided to make the purchase of a new all in one immediately.

Having accomplished the goal of finally hearing his first design of speakers in the desired manner, he now somehow does not feel the urgent need to make himself a new pair of speakers at all. All the doubts that had crept up in his mind about flaws in his speakers were laid to rest once and for all. That, is the magic of what synergy does to a set-up, being it costing a few thousands or lacs, nothing but nothing can equate to the synergy factor!