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Over the weekend, met up with my friend Satya, who off late has been traveling extensively all over the world. This time he was away for almost a month and had absolutely been missing his interaction of having company over a music session complimented by conversation over a few drams. It all just fell into place as the program was set-up on the fly as we both were leaving our office premises, heading home.

We started off with catching up with a little tasting session of 2 whiskies, each distinct from each other but yet kind of complementing the setting with music following in the background and our conversation over varied topics that we conversed about intermittently. The music tracks over a memory drive were such that whenever we had a track playing that appealed to one or the other or both, the conversation stopped for a while, we listened intently for a few minutes and then came back to the subject we were talking about. Such is the convenience of modern audio set-up’s is that we just could even pause, restart or even replay the track that had some special interest in us where we both began listening intently to it sipping our drams whilst simultaneously enjoying both. Hitting the right spot was a box of turkish delight that we had as accompaniment to the music and whiskies.

The whiskies shared were Bain’s, Moutain Whisky and the Devil’s Cut by Jim Beam. Now that we were well into the night, we had a little serious comparo of the combination of the 2 whiskies, the effect of the turkish delight and in the mix we decided to pair 2 great female vocalists, Kari Bremnes and Jennifer Warnes.

Here we had a setting which gave us something unique to do! We heard 2 prominent albums side by side of each artist stated above. These were ‘Norwegian Mood’ and ‘The Hunter’.

Again, the wonders of modern digital set-ups, gave us ample to reflect about the whole environment we had relaxed in at that moment, viz: the artists music played in an optimized set-up, the 2 whiskies and the turkish delight. Suddenly, it was like we were in a zen like chilled out zone, which resulted in each artist being compared to the whisky and subsequently identified with, completely in agreement.

Who was the winner??? The Turkish delight was declared the star followed by…..