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Many a times we have come across instances where we see stereo enthusiasts going round in circles, pondering on what to do with regard to their stereo set-up, why they are not happy or ideally listening to the music, rather than doing the converse (listening to the individual components in the chain)

A good case in point and example to quote in this context is the case of Dr.Al C Ohol(yes he exists), a renowned child specialist in his field who is known to diagnose ailments of his patients but sadly does not have the luxury of having similar judgement whilst choosing his hi-fi gear. Why? Simply because he does not have the luxury of having a genuine Hi Fi dealer in his list of acquaintances.

Luck by chance, he initiated contact with a renowned Hi-Fi dealer, Mr. Wind(He too really exists), who has reached his position by sheer hard work, tenacity and intent on showcasing Hi-Fi gear of the highest order to his clientele.

The two of them meet, interact and the good Dr. hears a configuration based on his specific requirements. Post demonstration, Dr. Al is convinced that he is in the right hands of an equivalent specialist (Mr. Wind) and they take things forward with regard to the Hi-Fi gear in context and conclude the deal on mutually agreed terms.

Now, this is what we would like to see replicated amongst other Hi-Fi dealers as well – pan India, who do not sell solutions purely on the merit of lower price or on the higher commission they are offered by a relevant distribution company. The focus should be to ensure that a prospective buyer isĀ  – A) given the experience and B) sold the correct configuration based on all the factors that are to be kept in mind based on affordability, requirement and long-term relationship being established for future interaction be it via upgrades, recommendation to friends & family or just plain friendship based on the foundation of trust and mutual respect.

We look forward to seeing Dr.Al & Mr. Air friendships blossom and replicate on a larger level for the growth of the Hi-Fi Hobby in India.