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Audio & Video Calibration – Why it is Required?

Most people are under the impression that whatever configuration of Audio & Video components that they have purchased, they will be delivering the experience right out of the box once they are installed. That there is no need for any sort of tinkering with the said equipment as it should be all done with by the manufacturers themselves. The truth is that each component that is selected by the end user is never calibrated to a set parameter due to the designer’s of the individual components not knowing the details of the end users specific rooms where their components are going to be installed, thereby it is next to impossible for an end user to expect that they will be getting the desired AV pleasure that they have dreamed of without getting the same calibrated by experienced & knowledgeable calibration experts. Unfortunately, the majority of these end users do not believe in the calibration process thereby missing out on the accuracy & clarity of the AV components for which they have spent a tidy sum of money! Most of these end users suffer from ear fatigue & in extreme cases do no enjoy the experience for which they have invested in due to absence of the desired calibration of the entire installation.

Content creators of movies, music, sports broadcast etc., have put in a lot of efforts to provide the entire experience to the end user, which unfortunately most of the end users do not realize, nor experience as desired.

The end users are under the impression that their respective dealers/system integrators, have done the necessary optimization of the set up that they have installed, but it is very rare that the same takes place as they a) haven’t been paid by the customer to do the needful or b) do not have the relevant experience & knowledge base to do the same.

Each component of a set up has certain criteria that needs to be factored in for calibration as the results vary for any installation right from when it is new, to having had certain amounts of ‘burn-in’ achieved by the number of hours the entire set up has been in operation. Hence the calibration is extremely critical & invaluable in achieving the desired levels of performance from the set up.

We at have now established a team of professionals to do the needful, to not only ensure that the results of an individuals set up is optimised either from the beginning or subsequently get involved post installation of a setup done by others. Listed below are the Services Rendered for Residential & Commercial Installations:


AV Integration

Acoustics Design

AV Product Selection

AV Consulting

Projector Screens

Wiring & Accessories

Distributed Audio

Hi End Audio

Hometheatre Solutions

Public Address Systems

AV Calibration

To get in touch for any of the above requirements, one can drop an email to “” post which we shall proceed with the requirements.