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What Hi-Fi Show 2022 Coverage

Among the Audio/Video shows happening this year, the What Hi-fi Show was one that was much anticipated and as is customary, there wasn’t much information shared about what would be shown or who would be participating this year. We at HifiHunt are very well versed with this format maintained by the or-ganisers of the show wanting to keep as much under wraps as possible and so weren’t surprised to experience such yet again.
This year too, the show venue was ‘The St. Regis’, located at lower parel, Mumbai and we are only too familiar with the hotel layout and its idiosyncrasies. The pandemic hasn’t been too kind to the hospitality industry and it showed with the venue quite tellingly. Most of the rooms need a renovation as do the overall aesthetics of the hotel. Exhibitors were unhappy with the lack of proper wi-fi networks provided by the hotel, thereby forcing them to make their own arrangements to get the internet working to showcase their wi-fi enabled products, namely with streaming features to play music from lossless services as is part and parcel of the stereo playback platform these days. Poor air conditioning in the rooms only made matters worse and tempers rose!
With a pretty poor participation and support from the AV Industry being apparent, another very big Commercial A/V Show taking place on same dates (Pam Expo), major cost cutting was the only way for the organisers to get this show going and it showed in the way it was managed with the hotel, which sadly made matters worse and did not bode well for the future.
We attended on the first and second days of the show and it became quite obvious that the show wasn’t going to be a popular one with the music and movie enthusiasts visiting the show, with quite a few being disappointed with what they saw and heard. This was amplified by the lack of interest shown by the majority of the exhibitors to attend to what they wanted as their main focus was to network with the industry members be it dealers, system integrators and such. Therefore, this show really doesn’t make itself attractive to end users to experience what they want in the truest sense.
Making matters worse is that most of the equipment is on static display which hardly makes any sense for one to make the effort to visit the show to see such as one isn’t interested in such displays. What the need of the hour is for the visitors to see, hear and feel post which they can make an informed decision to connect with the respective brands dealers to proceed further with their interest in the said products post which make a purchase through them. Static displays therefore never help anyone and ideally should be done away with honestly.

Showstoppers are supposed to be experienced, not to be just seen as static displays! When does one get an opportunity to see & hear these in their lifetime? Rarely if ever at all and hence why not give that experience to the visitors so that they feel the effort made to attend such shows is well worth their time & monies?

What does one do with a relic from the past kept as a showstopper yet again as a static display? How does it add value? Is this a vintage AV Show? So many questions, with no answers!
A systematic downslide of where this show is headed is what really is the outcome as far as we are concerned. Truly disappointing to say the very least as for us such shows are doing more harm than good for the growth of the AV Industry and that’s why it really hurts us more!
With that being said, we nonetheless have to cover the show and have tried to do so to the very best of our abilities and being as neutral as we can.
8th Floor Coverage:

Learning from PTC, BenQ had also taken a large hall to showcase as many projectors as they could, leaving no wall without projection! New models of note were the V7050i UST 4K Laser TV Projector  as well as the LU960UST that is a 5200 ANSI lumens WUXGA installation projector. Quite a variety of models to confuse any prospective buyer, but then that is the name of the game as far as projector brands are concerned! We quite liked what the LU960UST does and definitely need to see its performance capabilities at a later date.

Preeti Trading Corporation(PTC):
As is customary of PTC, who offlate have been on a brand acquisition spree, were the major sponsors of the show and yet again showcased all their brands in a large hall that was completely loaded with various brands products leaving no room to spare, thereby fully recovering the monies they paid to the organisers. Lets break up their contribution to the show, Brand wise:
Monitor Audio:
The entire gamut of entry to mid level models from Monitor Audio were on static display including some CI multichannel amplifiers, streaming stereo amplifiers and a turntable from Roksan Audio, which also is part of the Monitor Audio umbrella these days.


The Stage, SCL and HDI Series of JBL were on static display, along with a separate HDI series LCR set up on demo with a Denon AVR. Revel’s Concerta Series range of speakers, subwoofer, were also on static display.


The new Emit Series of speakers, subwoofer and a few CI speakers were also on static display.

Bowers & Wilkins:

Having recently acquired joint distribution of the brand, alongside the erstwhile distribution company(really don’t know why brands do such things as it does more harm than good when two distribution companies are in the picture) showcased the 600 Series of speakers as static displays alongside a stereo demo with Denon Source and Amplification. Static displays of their CI series of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers and M1 Satellite speakers were also part of the floor space occupation.

Ascendo: A multichannel demo of their speakers and subwoofers was on offer.


With the current shortage of AVR’s, Static displays of the higher model range, including the 110th anniversary models that include an AVR, a stereo amplifier and a SACD player were all on static display, alongside a few on demo with whatever speaker brands that were given demo duties.
Classe: Static display of their Delta Series.

Having to showcase Onkyo and Pioneer that they have very recently acquired distribution duties of thanks to the parent company of Klipsch/Jamo owning these erstwhile illustrious brands, Cinebels went all out to show as much as they could by means of doing a ‘PTC’, using entire floor space of 2 large halls to cram them with everything from Klipsch, Jamo, Onkyo and Pioneer models that they could lay their hands on.
Static displays of Speakers, AVR’s and demo set ups of soundbars, home theater speakers, multimedia speakers and stereo were all fighting for one’s attention in both the halls. Jamo’s famous legacy speaker the R909 (circa 2008) was on Static Display outside the entrance of the 2 halls taken by Cinebels and adjoining these were a wall display dedicated to sharing the history of the brand by means of a timeline dedicated to models that denoted milestones towards 50 years of its inception. A quick view of everything and we were off to the last hall on the 8th floor.

Aero Digital:
Aero digital showcased pretty much everything they offer in the form of interactive displays, mirror TV’s, video walls, kiosk displays, digital standees, Smart TV’s and Lift Panels. They have a lot of customised displays to offer at varying sizes, price points and are always keen to be part of any project be it commercial or personal, to offer cost effective solutions.

12th Floor:
Intelligible Tech Solutions / Milan Sales Corporation:
Their suite showcased Savant Systems, Gest, Intesis and Milan Screens. Their star attraction was the Savant Pro Remote that is voice controlled, can be customised to the individuals requirements be in color and  or applications wise. Milan screens were pretty much all over the show used by the projector companies in their rooms.

Aytexcel Pvt. Ltd:
XGIMI range of  projectors along with a soon to be available for sale  ‘Formovie’ brand of wifi router sized projectors were on demo. We were impressed by the small form factor of some of the formovie brand of projectors that were on demo. A nice option for those wanting to take their movie viewing experience with them when traveling, This segment surely is getting heated as most of the big brand projector companies are also introducing models to compete with such yet not very well known Chinese brands that are plentiful.

Epson India Pvt. Ltd:
Epson showcased their newly launched LS12000 4K Procinema Laser Projector that is their current flagship model. The LS12000 is laser driven and is capable of 2700 ANSI Lumens brightness. We could not really get a decent look at its PQ, but hope to do so in the near future.

Pro Audio Video:
New entrants to the home AV segment, Pro Audio Video are dealing with pretty much all the popular mass market AV brands and had filled their room with whatever they could get from their partnered distribution companies sent them for static display. KEI, one of the distribution companies supporting them kindly lent a couple of ELAC and Fyne Audio Speakers to demo their Tonewinner brand of AVR in their room. Something better than nothing is all that we can say!

Luxury Personified:They had 3 rooms dedicated to Devialet, Sonos and Bang & Olufsen(B&O)
Aside from the Phantom range of speakers, they had the recently launched Dione Soundbar that was on demo. TheDione is highly touted as one of the best soundbars out there and it better be as its tentative retail price is 2.6L but it sounded quite average when we heard. It could be due to the way it was set up so we shall reserve our final judgement until the time we hear it properly in the future. The team handling the room were suffering from internet woes and were not able to get it going as desired.
Band & Olufsen:
The following B&O products were on demo: Beosound Stage Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, Beoplay A9 – 4th Generation Multiroom Speaker, Beosound Level – Portable Wifi Speaker, Beoremote Halo, Beolab 28 – Hi-Res Wireless Stereo Speakers, Beolab 19 Wireless subwoofer and the Beovision Harmony OLED TV. We have seen these multiple times at the Mumbai experience store and hence do not have much to add on these.

The entire range of Sonos Speakers, be it soundbars, wireless speakers, Subwoofer, In-wall, In-ceiling & outdoor speakers were on static display. On demo were the soundbars and the wireless speakers.

Little Nap Recliners:
Their recliner chairs across price points and customizable options were available for one to sit and relax. Pretty much the same as is seen every show they take part in.

MZ Audio Distributions India
Surprisingly, only one demo room was taken and they had showcased Loewe Soundbar, Surround and Wireless speakers, which were on demo. The soundbar was quite good and definitely should be heard by those looking for a good soundbar. MZ also had a stereo set up on demo that consisted of a pair of Heco Celan Revolution 9 Speakers with Marantz PM8006 & ND8006 amplifier + CD with streamer driving the speakers. The set up sounded quite good and honestly speaking a surprise from MZ who usually focus more on home theater demos when they take part in these types of shows. A couple of Episode In-wall and In-ceiling speakers were kept on static display.

A number of projector models were on demo and the focus of the room was on the newly launched  X1000-4K+ & X2000B-4K UST Projectors.We definitely liked what we saw, PQ wise, of the X2000B-4K and would love to see more of its capabilities in the future and recommend this to those looking for a compact UST 4K lamp free projector. Pricing of this model is yet to be finalized.

Sony India:
We could not cover this room as it had entry by appointment only. It becomes very difficult to cover such rooms as time is always of the essence and one simply cannot be held to ransom by having such high handedness imposed by such exhibitors. We would like to share what we received as an honest opinion of one of the visitors of the show who had the following to say about their experience with Sony.
“Sony had a secretive room kept locked up, open only at select times for a select audience for some hi-tech demo organised by MI5, x-KGB, Mossad, CIA, combined. The crowd outside the room flocked more to eye the mini-skirted legs of the non-English speaking bimbo placed outside for so-called shock value!!!”
We think that these views aired were apt and to the point!

NOTE: Pictures taken by one of our friends and kindly shared for our article purpose only.

Optoma India:
Two models were on demo, namely the very recently launched  Cinema X – D2 4K UHD HDR Cinema Laser Projector, that is basically the P2 with a few features minused to reduce the price and make it more appealing to the end user from the cost effective point of view.  A price of 3.45L was advised to us by the company reps. Another model on demo was the UHZ50 Smart 4K UHD Laser Projector. The visuals created by this projector were truly stunning and one that can safely be shortlisted for those looking for a long throw projector.

Vinshek Private Ltd:
Dynavoice speakers and subwoofers were on demo as well as static display in a home theater configuration. We could not hear them much due to paucity of time but we liked what they did and certainly found them upto the mark with regard to delivering the punch that most want from such setups in a home theater configuration. We wish team Vinshek all the very best for their new brand acquisition.

As is the usual practice, a bunch of cables, connectors and accessories were on display from brands that include Nedis, Profigold, Bandridge, Sinox and Techly. They also showcased some cheap Chinese all in one type turntables under their Nedis branding.

McIntosh C22 Preamplifier with MC275 Power amplifier and MB50 Streamer were paired with Sonus Faber Electa Amator III Stand Mount Speakers and played wonderfully to their respective strengths.Static displays included a couple of Arcam AVR/Stereo Amplifier, Edwards Audio Turntable, McIntosh Speaker and Sonus Faber CI range of Speakers.

Acoustic Portrait/MS Corrson:
Shiva and Jeya of Acoustic Portrait/MS Corrson showcased the same set up of Amplifier/DAC and speakers that they did during the last show. A couple of changes to the preamp section were the notable new additions. We have heard this combination set up costing in the range of 12L and hence did not spend too much time here. We were actually disappointed that the new stand mount speakers and swara integrated amplifier were on static display only as Shiva advised that he did not find the room conducive to playing them.

Audio Nirvana:
Rotels Michi Pre and Monoblock Power Amps were paired with Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III and sounded quite nice. Since they had intermittent wifi network issues, they switched from streaming Hi-Res music files and connected a Rotel CD11 CD Player to continue their demos. Sonus Faber Omnia Soundbar was also on demo but the wifi network issues put paid to us getting to listen to it, hopefully we will in the near future. Rotel’s A11 Amplifier with CD11 CD Player was also on demo, connected with Sonus Faber Lumina I Stand mount speakers.
Static displays  included Sonus Faber Sonetto V floorstanding speakers and Rotel A12 MKII Integrated amplifier.
That then completed the coverage of the What HiFi Show 2022 Mumbai. We can only hope that the next one doesn’t slide below the quality of this one.

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Audio & Video Calibration – Why it is Required?

Most people are under the impression that whatever configuration of Audio & Video components that they have purchased, they will be delivering the experience right out of the box once they are installed. That there is no need for any sort of tinkering with the said equipment as it should be all done with by the manufacturers themselves. The truth is that each component that is selected by the end user is never calibrated to a set parameter due to the designer’s of the individual components not knowing the details of the end users specific rooms where their components are going to be installed, thereby it is next to impossible for an end user to expect that they will be getting the desired AV pleasure that they have dreamed of without getting the same calibrated by experienced & knowledgeable calibration experts. Unfortunately, the majority of these end users do not believe in the calibration process thereby missing out on the accuracy & clarity of the AV components for which they have spent a tidy sum of money! Most of these end users suffer from ear fatigue & in extreme cases do no enjoy the experience for which they have invested in due to absence of the desired calibration of the entire installation.

Content creators of movies, music, sports broadcast etc., have put in a lot of efforts to provide the entire experience to the end user, which unfortunately most of the end users do not realize, nor experience as desired.

The end users are under the impression that their respective dealers/system integrators, have done the necessary optimization of the set up that they have installed, but it is very rare that the same takes place as they a) haven’t been paid by the customer to do the needful or b) do not have the relevant experience & knowledge base to do the same.

Each component of a set up has certain criteria that needs to be factored in for calibration as the results vary for any installation right from when it is new, to having had certain amounts of ‘burn-in’ achieved by the number of hours the entire set up has been in operation. Hence the calibration is extremely critical & invaluable in achieving the desired levels of performance from the set up.

We at have now established a team of professionals to do the needful, to not only ensure that the results of an individuals set up is optimised either from the beginning or subsequently get involved post installation of a setup done by others. Listed below are the Services Rendered for Residential & Commercial Installations:


AV Integration

Acoustics Design

AV Product Selection

AV Consulting

Projector Screens

Wiring & Accessories

Distributed Audio

Hi End Audio

Hometheatre Solutions

Public Address Systems

AV Calibration

To get in touch for any of the above requirements, one can drop an email to “” post which we shall proceed with the requirements.

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I had recently written an article about the importance of a relationship between a Hi-Fi enthusiast and a good Hi-Fi Dealer. The benefits to both concerned lie in ensuring that both nurture their relationship. But what happens if the Hi-Fi Enthusiast decides to go astray and get in touch with a direct to customer brand entity that dangles the carrot to the Hi-Fi Enthusiast, by means of providing a home audition in exchange for paying about 50% of the cost of the product availed for demo(refundable if not liked/purchased and returned by the listener, minus shipping costs)?

A good question to ask as currently, the established brands and their representatives (distributors & dealers) in our AV Industry, do not entertain such possibilities except for a very small 0.5% of brands representatives that deal in super hi end brands, who do offer this facility, but then they know that the said client is a genuine and bonafide prospective buyer. But what about those who aspire to the lower end of the av segment? So far, this segment is not entertaining this idea, for most part they being justified as our market hasn’t genuinely matured or evolved to the level of those mature av markets abroad + the fact that we the people are known to not be respectful to such offers and more of than not abuse such a facility to their advantage. Here lies the conundrum and also the opportunity for direct to customer selling brands. We have recently seen the propagation of such direct to customer brands trying to attract prospective buyers with their home demo offerings at the cost of the prospective buyer paying 50% of the value of the product offered for demo. I recently experienced such an arrangement thanks to a friend of mine, requesting for certain equipment that he wanted to try out in his Hi-Fi set up. What happened in his case was also quite intriguing and shocking but I shall leave that story for another article!

To cut a long story short, the fact that such a facility now exists is quite appealing to the Hi-Fi enthusiasts at the moment and am sure that there will be cases of both +VE & -VE experiences, but we shall be seeing some movement in this direction for sure. How will the established distribution/dealer network react to this scenario will also be interesting to observe. Change is constant and in most cases for the better BUT expecting change just for the sake of it, is not at all a good thing. Time will tell for sure!

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Many a times we have come across instances where we see stereo enthusiasts going round in circles, pondering on what to do with regard to their stereo set-up, why they are not happy or ideally listening to the music, rather than doing the converse (listening to the individual components in the chain)

A good case in point and example to quote in this context is the case of Dr.Al C Ohol(yes he exists), a renowned child specialist in his field who is known to diagnose ailments of his patients but sadly does not have the luxury of having similar judgement whilst choosing his hi-fi gear. Why? Simply because he does not have the luxury of having a genuine Hi Fi dealer in his list of acquaintances.

Luck by chance, he initiated contact with a renowned Hi-Fi dealer, Mr. Wind(He too really exists), who has reached his position by sheer hard work, tenacity and intent on showcasing Hi-Fi gear of the highest order to his clientele.

The two of them meet, interact and the good Dr. hears a configuration based on his specific requirements. Post demonstration, Dr. Al is convinced that he is in the right hands of an equivalent specialist (Mr. Wind) and they take things forward with regard to the Hi-Fi gear in context and conclude the deal on mutually agreed terms.

Now, this is what we would like to see replicated amongst other Hi-Fi dealers as well – pan India, who do not sell solutions purely on the merit of lower price or on the higher commission they are offered by a relevant distribution company. The focus should be to ensure that a prospective buyer is  – A) given the experience and B) sold the correct configuration based on all the factors that are to be kept in mind based on affordability, requirement and long-term relationship being established for future interaction be it via upgrades, recommendation to friends & family or just plain friendship based on the foundation of trust and mutual respect.

We look forward to seeing Dr.Al & Mr. Air friendships blossom and replicate on a larger level for the growth of the Hi-Fi Hobby in India.


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Back at my friend Makesh’s place, who since my last article was seen suitably content with what the Akai(Night Watchman) was doing, but as is usually with life, there was a proverbial spanner thrown in the works. The Akai developed speed issues and was sent to a gent who was supposed to be an old hand with rectifying vintage turntables among other equipment. Days become weeks, to months, but no sign of anything productive happening which makes Makesh quite frustrated and forces him to get the Akai back from the old hand. In the meantime, the old hand had done more damage than good and now the Akai is deemed to its morbid fate. Makesh is back to square ONE again! With no sight of the Lenco L75 coming to life in the near future, he decides to call for a replacement to the erstwhile night watchman, yet again in the form of another old warhorse, I mean watchman, I mean turntable. This time, he lands himself with a Trio 4100, yet again with a darkened dust cover(maybe he has a fetish for them?)Anyway, the said turntable arrives from God’s own country and that too in a state of disrepair! I was summoned to ‘help’ set up the turntable but only when I reached, did I realise the obvious had taken place. Since the intent to diagnose the issue was omnipresent, we started investigating with what might have caused the issues to be created in the first place. We start with the disassembly and identify what was one  probable issue almost immediately. The said Trio model was an automatic, which had been converted to a manual by the ‘expert’ back in God’s own country. The said automatic portion of the tonearm was fouling with the tonearm movement thereby rendering it incapacitated.  On taking pics of the same and forwarding them to the seller, he advises Makesh to open the underside cover of the turntable and set aside the fouling piece. We are now ready for ‘Surgery’ to do the needful and ensure that the offending piece is put into its moribund resting position, post which check the movement of the tonearm, which thankfully now is moving freely thanks to removal of the impeding piece. We put the undercover back and cross fingers prior to connecting the turntable to the rest of the setup. It turns ON, Hurray!!! But does it turn OFF??? Nope! Another call is made to relay this bit of information to the seller who says, it has a ’30 second’ delay system post which the turntable will switch off. 30 seconds turn to 3 minutes, but no sign of it turning off. Yet another call to the seller, who now says that we might have disturbed some wire when we opened the table for ‘surgery’. Fair point, but now that the turntable is operational, I insist we atleast spin some records to see if there are any other issues with respect to playback. Makesh brings out a ‘sacrificial lamb’ record, we play it and all seems fine for it to instill confidence into Makesh to play some better records from his collection. So, we are back in the running with the replacement night watchman, who has already had a very shaky start into his innings. Time will tell how long he stays at the wicket and what further adventures we shall participate in with him. Makesh is in that bittersweet position again and I know that the story ain’t ending here so shall continue writing about the saga, at a later date. Stay Tuned!

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So we are back at my friend Makesh’s place, this time with a new scenario. Makesh has ditched his Technics SL1210 and is looking to replace it with something new, err old. When good sense says that he should buy a new turntable, he defies logic and sticks to being stubborn with his intent to buy an old and abused piece or pieces in his case but more on that later.

He takes the arduous route of scanning for some junk err I mean used equipment and finds a pair of Lenco L75’s which he decides to buy sight unseen, simply because they are offered for cheap which makes him happy, so he pulls the plug on both, one is in its original stock state whilst the other is a pile of parts which he intends to use as a donor for fixing issues if found with the one intact.

Since these L75’s are going to take time in reaching India, he decides to look for a stop gap turntable that he can use to spin his ever growing collection of records. He finds one that strangely appeals to him due to its darkened dust cover(which is broken and hence colored to hide this aspect – tricks of the used equipment trade you see) and also due to the fact that the tone arm shape appeals to him. Great! Off he goes and pulls the trigger to acquire this Akai turntable.

In the meanwhile he hunts for a cartridge which ironically he wants to buy new, but here too the twist of fate ensures that the order placed on Amazon is cancelled and he lands himself with a used and what was declared as Nagaoka MP50, but no it’s an MP30, Splendid! Now comes the cameo role that I’ve to play as he needs an audio hack to fix the cart and get the Akai going so am off to his place to do the needful. All connected and we spin Al Green’s Greatest Hits, But 1103/04, we have a problem! Al ain’t sounding too happy and nasally, which leads us to the good ol’ Lehmann Audio phono pre which is still in MC setting as per his Denon cart back with the SL1210 days, which we have conveniently forgotten to change as per the Nagaoka’s MM requirements. Out comes the Lehmann Audio manual which says, hey we are German and we like to do things that are difficult and confusing, so Makesh advises me to change the switch positions as per the manual. Still no joy! Being impatient as usual, I play with the switches much to the chagrin of Makesh who is now getting dismayed at his choice of purchases and of involving me in this scenario, but wait. All is not lost, the fingering of the switches on the Lehmann Audio has suddenly done something good, Al Green sounds as he should, his nasally voice is now in full force and so is ARR with Vande Mataram, followed by Explosions in the sky, Shaan OST, Razia Sultan OST, DSOTM, till Makesh gets a little side tracked and switches sources to his Philips CDP, but that does not last long as now his rig with the source set to analog sounds alive and kicking. I tell that to him but he is still not sure of it sounding good and as is in his nature, he wants to change interconnects, gain settings on the Lehmann Audio and so on, his eternal search for something else continues….

I leave in a happy frame of mind whilst Makesh is back to his doubts and with a what next question mark in his mind. The battle rages on….

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During the recently held Palm Expo 2017, we met with Jacob Abraham, who is the founder of Rontek Systems, Bangalore. We have known Jacob for almost 2 years now and each time we meet him, he comes across as an unassuming gentleman who is passionate and focused about achieving certain goals in life.

Jacob took part in the palm expo for the first time and during our interaction with him and on learning about his amplifiers, power conditioners, sequencers and management control systems we decided to write an article on him and his company.

Jacob was always into the music scene and in his teens made his own guitar amp which lead to him making amplifiers and speakers as a hobby. His friends pestered him to make the same for them and that’s how Jacob realised that he had an opportunity to make a career in the electronics manufacturing industry, thereby leading him to start Rontek Systems in the year 1996. Since day one, Rontek Systems had an inhouse R&D team and manufacturing facility with the focus being on need based solutions power electronics. Initially focusing on supplying to the telecom and electronic weighing scale manufacturing industries, Rontek Systems shifted its attention to the audio industry, as that was where Jacob’s passion really was. The product range of amplifiers and speakers initially focussed on the home audio front but subsequently also catered to the retail and hospitality segments, with products specifically designed with meeting their requirements. In the following years, the role of being consultants and system integrators was added to their repertoire with the focus being on dedicated home theaters, during which they also represented certain foreign AV brands. Jacob however, was passionate about designing and building products in India under his own brand which led to Rontek Systems coming full circle and going back to its roots. Inspite of growing demand, Rontek Systems still manufacturers inhouse in India with all inputs from an evolved R&D team consisting of musicians and sound engineers.

What is also very noteworthy about Rontek Systems is the fact that the majority of the workforce consists of women through a ‘Social Enterprise’ Model, that empowers women from weaker sections of the society coming from bangalore city and certain surrounding rural parts of India. We really appreciate and commend Rontek Systems for having the vision of not only training the workforce with skills that ensure that they can earn a decent living based on the same, but also to give back to the society in a desirable manner.

Rontek Systems currently are present in three verticals:

Audio Equipment for Commercial Installations

Dedicated Home Theatres

Professional Audio


Rontek Systems

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The 2017 edition of Palm Expo took place from 1st to 3rd of June 2017. As has been our customary practice for the past 6 years, we visited on the 2nd day of the expo and as usual we covered the same via pictures taken as seen below:

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Two boxers both from UK have been assigned a boxing match. One is from Salisbury, the other from Essex. The Salisbury boxer weighs 64kgs and is currently the flyweight champion. The Essex boxer weighs 130kgs and is a respected cruiser weight boxer. The fight referee is my friend Makesh and the venue is his home.

All expectations are that of the Essex boxer having it his way over the Salisbury boxer and that the match would not last long, or so it seemed in the preconceived notions of the spectators. What happens is actually quite the opposite. Not only does the Salisbury boxer hold his ground but ensures a technical knock out (TKO) in the 6th round of the match! The match is over.

The Salisbury boxer is none other than the Naim Nait 5i and the Essex boxer is the Rega Elicit-R.

The accompanying equipment’s in ‘the ring’ were as follows:

Source: Technics SL1210 with Denon DL103 MC Cart / Philips CD750 Speakers: Merlin TSM BME Cables: Interconnects: Belden VDH / Speaker Cable: NAC A5

So why did the outcome not go as perceived? On paper, the Rega Elicit-R has 2 chief advantages: 1) It outputs 105Watts @ 8 Ohms 2) It weighs 13 kgs

The above were the reasons that made Makesh consider the Rega Elicit-R as a worthy replacement over his current Naim Nait5i which ‘only’ does 50watts @ 8 ohms and weighs 6.4kgs.

What did we learn from this match? 1) Power alone means nothing and 2) Just going by weight of the equipment could also be misleading

Makesh felt that there could be a couple of reasons why the Rega Elicit-R did not fare well in context of the boxing match, one of them being that the Naim Nait5i was well burned in, whilst the exact burn in period of the Rega Elicit-R remains unknown. Second was the presence of the NAC A5 could also be one of the contributing factors that went against the Rega Elicit-R. My answer to both of his reasons say the contrary but then let’s leave it for another article!

Moral of the story – All that appears isn’t true, so make your own conclusions based on merit & performance alone, as most often than not, they are the only way to know for sure whether you are headed in the right direction or not. Am already looking forward to the next boxing match!

PS: Just cannot get the song ‘Get In The Ring’ by Guns ‘N Roses out of my head and wished that I had carried my Use your Illusion II CD along to play this tune during the boxing match.

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This years What HiFi? Show 2017, held at Hotel St. Regis – Mumbai was one of the best shows organised by the What HiFi? publication. Kudos to them for learning from their past shows and taking constructive criticism on board which resulted in the show being lauded by the AV industry exhibitors as well as the visitors. We will be covering the entire show in parts, which we will keep updating as we go along.

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