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Musical Fidelity M5Si Integrated Amplifier


The M5si is a real high end amplier. At 150wpc, with high current delivery, it will drive virtually any loudspeaker easily. Internally the M5si is configured as two independent monoblocs with a separate preamp, but all mounted on one PCB. Its technical performance is about equal to the M6si. The M5si has very low distortion, outstanding noise ratio and an extremely at frequency response. Inputs; phono (mm), 4 line, and USB ’B’ up to 24bit 96kHz. The M5si produces an extraordinary sweet clear lucid sound. It was developed after our amazing legendary Nu-Vista 800. Consequently some of the Nu-Vista 800’s subtle PCB layout solutions have found their way into the M5si. When you hear it we are sure you will understand the relationship between the two. The M5si projects a deep and wide stereo image with extended bass and a crystalline top end without a trace of harshness.

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