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RIP Ken Ishiwata

Audio publications, journalists, audiophiles, HiFi enthusiasts and legions of music lovers around the world have just come to know the passing of one of the Icon’s & Stalwarts of the Audio Industry, Mr. Ken Ishiwata, who made his journey to the Valhalla of HiFidelity, on 25th November 2019.

It is immediately not known of the cause of his untimely death as of yet, but he surely lived a spritely life of 72 years, influencing & bringing joy to countless people around the world. His 41 years association with Marantz was a massive contribution to the world of HiFi, resulting in many a happy music enthusiast enjoying music reproduction via one of his Marantz signature models. He was equally popular at the HiFi Shows around the world, where he very uniquely demonstrated his flair in setting up Marantz equipment with speakers being placed in a very unconventional way. We were fortunate to experience one of such set ups when he visited Mumbai, India, almost a decade ago! Mr. Ken Ishiwata was passionate about his craft, his music and was extremely friendly & generous in sharing stories and making an end user aware about what he kept in mind when he was designing new models of Marantz Amplifiers and CD Players, besides getting on board with streaming & lossless music reproduction.

For his long standing association with Marantz and being brand ambassador of the same, it was unfortunate when he decided to leave the company which he nurtured as his own child, earlier this year.

Good bye Mr. Ken Ishiwata & thank you for bringing musical bliss to countless people around the world.

Rest In Piece!