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Palm Expo & AV-ICNx 2019

This year M/S.ABEC, the organisers for the Palm Expo  held in India decided to integrate the AV-ICNx (AV Integration Communication & Networking Expo) concurrently with the 19th edition of the Palm Expo as an add on to cater to the growing AV Industry of India. The demand by AV consultants & Systems Integrators who attend the Palm Expo year on year for a dedicated AV Expo was the reason for the birth of the AV-ICNx, which will be organised every year as part of the long term vision and commitment of the organisers, M/S. ABEC.

The focus on the segments were Video Projection & Display, Digital Signage, Large Display, interactive Display, Unified communications, Education technology, Audio Processing, Digital Cinema, Cabling, Connectors and signal management, Conference and collaboration, IP & Network distribution.

Some of the world’s leading audio brands participating religiously in PALM Expo include HARMAN, Sennheiser, Shure, Bose, Genelec, Digico, AVID, d&b audiotechnik, Allan & Heath, Yamaha, Sonodyne, P Audio, Behringer, Outline, OHM, Audio-Technica, Pioneer, Denon, Taiden, JTS, QSC, RCF, EV, Martin Audio, Robe, OSRAM etc.

We have tried to cover the majority of the brands that we found interesting and related to our AV Industry in pictures of which we have made slideshows as attached.


The W2700 & W5700 Projector models were showcased and on demo in a darkened environment for the benefit of the visitors.


Horns galore at Capitol, a 71 years old institution, exporting PA systems since 1972 and specializing in PA Trumpet Horns, besides other horn loaded speaker designs, parts and accessories.


Launched in India for the second time, a large product range was showcased from all types of speakers to amplifiers including a tube one!


DNM showcased their range of products including 2 new sub woofers, that were priced in line with all of DNM’s products, meaning total value for money!


Among a plethora of models for commercial applications, the EB700U ultra short throw laser projector was the star of the Epson display area, showcasing beautiful, crisp and breath taking visuals in a brightly lit environment, showcasing it’s ability and true caliber.


The 4000 series of monitors for commercial and av installations was showcased in a small foot print with a few of the 120 color options on static display.


A massive booth as is customary was again showcasing the entire range of brands and products from their stables but we were interested in the new launch of the Nano K Series Powered Monitor Speakers. On demo were the K4, K5, K6 & K8 models. The five speaker models within the NANO K family are designed for different monitoring sizes, from home recording, music classes to professional studios, and can be used to monitor recordings and instruments.
Both K3 and K4 are sold in pairs, with their left channel speaker feeding signal to the right. A Bluetooth modular is embedded in to the two models for wireless connection with smart audio devices. An integral M8 thread nut in the bottom is designed for quick mounting on a microphone pole, which are useful while handling keyboard monitoring. A 12° angle placement of the two models is possible thanks to their two-planed bottom. A 3.5 mm headphone jack connector is available on front panel of K3 and K4, for plug&play of monitor headphones. K5, K6 and K8 standalone monitors are individually powered and can be used to set up a mono, stereo and surround system. A vintage-style VU meter constantly indicates the input level even when the speaker is muted.

We definitely liked what we heard and look forward to receiving a couple from Harman India to review at length.


Iris Buildtech, the distributors for harmonic design and dare audio, showcased a couple of the models, as static displays and also on demo, at Hall 1 & Hall5 respectively. We were impressed by Harmonic Designs Slim Sub HD265 that can be paired with the C, M, ML & PL Series of slimline array speakers. We find its application to converge from pro/commercial install to that of home theatres rather easily and hence their potential is huge. Ultimately, the pricing factor will be crucial for which we hope that the distributors are well aware of.