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What HiFi Show 2020 – Mumbai (Part 2)

16th Floor:


The new ThinQ AI series of OLED TV’s were showcased along with 3 models of the XBoom Series of karaoke audio systems were on demo. A nice and unexpected addition to the hifi show.


Besides the regular recliner models on demo/display, a new recliner model was shown for the first time. The Ancona model was redefining luxury and comfort, their tag line to differentiate from the other recliners available in the market. The Ancona is a modular recliner solution that allows a customer to add on and customise with certain options and features. Clearly, a step ahead from the rest of the recliners available and one that will surely sell well, given its price point and appeal to most families wanting to sit comfortably in their lounge, living rooms.

1603 – NEDIS

The usual display of cables and accessories from Bandridge, Sweex, Profigold, aside from Thonet & Vander speakers & soundbar were showcased along with two Chinese turntables that were re branded under Nedis brand.


The same layout as we have been seeing at each show, Devialet Phantom Speakers in their various incarnations & versions were on static and active display, along with their accessories.


Sennheiser’s much touted Ambeo Soundbar was on demo, though getting to hear it was quite a challenge as they were limiting visitors to enter the room periodically. Even though the number of visitors was limited, for some reason we never got a chance to get in the room and had all but given up on the opportunity to have a listen but on Sunday during the fag end of the show we got lucky to get entry!

The gent giving the demo had taken pains to explain the features of the Ambeo Soundbar and also provide a demonstration that highlighted the salient features of the same, which was very helpful to the visitors in order to understand why the Ambeo Soundbar justifies its asking price of Rupees Two Lakhs. We nonetheless see the Ambeo Soundbar having potential but still would like to have hands on time with it to really ascertain with regard to its atmos capabilities in certain nonconducive  environments, thereby clearing some doubts on the same.


The same set up comprising of Speakers, Amplifier and Source as shown in the Hyderabad show in September 2019 were showcased here along with some new desktop speakers (DS401) having Scan-Speak full range drivers enclosed in a transmission line cabinet were on demo along with a Swara integrated Amplifier, using a visitors mobile phone as a source, if one wished to hear these speakers. We have already written about what we felt about the main set up in the What HiFi Show Hyderabad, the link to which is HERE.

We loved the desktop speakers for what they do as well as the concept, the price of Rupees Nineteen Thousand seems reasonable in our humble opinion.

It is always a pleasure meeting Siva, the man behind Acoustic Portrait. Secondly, his recordings of Indian Classical music is spectacular to say the very least, which fortunately are available as paid downloads via his website, in mp3 and flac format. Do visit Acoustic Portrait



Lots of prerequisites were required in order to gain entry to this room! Firstly, one had to fill a form asking all sorts of visitor information, after which one was asked to return at a certain time of the day, after which one yet had to wait outside the room, then if they were lucky enough, they got the privilege of finally entering the room! We weren’t fortunate enough to visit the room and hence aren’t able to report on what was showcased or on demo. As per the standee placed outside their room, a 4K projector, Dolby Atmos soundbar and noise cancellation headphones were on demo.

1611 – GENELEC

A world premiere of Genelec’s flagship models 8361A SAM Studio Monitors, along with W371A SAM Woofer System were on demo along with static display of the 8000 series of studio monitors. Another interesting product that was showcased was the 4430A Smart IP speaker, showcasing audio transmission over IP, thereby eliminating the need for powering each speaker at the same time enabling the end user to operate a multitude of speakers installed in a huge area via the dedicated Genelec software and APP.

Coming back to the main attraction, the 8361A+W371A combo was magnificent to say the very least, though their true capabilities could not be showcased in the small room as desired. Nonetheless, at Rupees Thirty Two Lakhs, one has a world class system that can do a lot of things be it for working in studio environments or perform duties in a audiophiles lair.


Home Theatre:

Q Acoustics Concept Speakers were showcased in a multichannel demonstration using Marantz flagship Processor and Power Amplifier combo.


Q Acoustics Concept 300 speakers with Marantz 8000 Series Amplifier and CD Player were paired for demo duties. When we visited, they only had an Andrea Bocelli CD, which played end to end on repeat for the visitors wanting to hear this set up.


Off late, Viewsonic India has been working very hard to increase their presence in the home projector segment and to ensure that, they have been consistently introducing new models at a frequent rate. They have also been focusing on launching models that are not only lamp free but also those that meet various requirements of the end user, reflecting in their models being suitable for portability, short throw and 4k UHD performance. We hope to be reviewing some of their models in the future.


The focus in their room was more towards projectors used for the corporate industry, reflecting in the models on static and active demo. There were quite a few visitors already in the room so decided to move to the next room (Covid-19 Measures)


As is customary with their participation, they had static display of Monster Cables range of products that included cables and accessories. Just a quick glance and we were done!


Having taken part for the first time in the What HiFi Show, they put up an excellent display of XGIMI portable projectors that they not only demonstrated adequately but also answered the questions that were being asked, convincingly and in desired manner, so kudos to S.R. Brothers for being great exhibitors. For a product line that is new to our projector market in India, they surely will benefit from going to the end user to show their product line up strengths in order to successfully create a niche market for themselves. We also look forward to reviewing a couple of their models in the future.


Except for a few minor changes to certain models, they showcased what is pretty much seen for a while now in the various shows they take part in, so we really do not have anything more to add with regard to their showing.


The show stopper product as touted by What Hifi Show organisers, the UST P1 was on demo in their room along with the UHD50X, which is the world’s first 240Hz refresh rate 4K UHD cinema gaming projector.

Optoma India too is currently in the midst of reorganising/shuffling its team in place and probably with these movements taking place, we shall see the company getting more involved and aggressive with regard to the projector segment in India. We sure would love to have more time with the UHD50X, if not the P1, but currently we shall probably have to be patient till the new team settles down and takes things forward.



The twenty5 series of loudspeakers from PMC were showcased here which consisted of the twenty5.24 as fronts (L/R), twenty5c as the centre and a pair of twenty5.23 as surrounds. Yes, there was no subwoofer, meaning this was a pure 5.0 speakers set up. Amplification was courtesy, the Denon AVR-X8500H and the source used was an Oppo 103, through which Blu-ray music concert disc’s were played. LG’s NanoCell  AI ThinQ 4k 75 inch Super UHD TV was the display.

Khushrau Jilla(KJ), the magician behind Nexus Audio always has some tricks up his sleeves. That was yet again evident in the way he had set up the speakers, notably the positioning of surround speakers and the omission of a sub woofer, which had a telling effect on all who heard the set up in the room. That the telling effect was that of disbelief is a forgone conclusion but still one that only those who experienced could say so.

To us, this set up was the signal of KJ coming back to his best and showcasing what can be achieved with the combination of the right products and practical hands on knowledge/experience.

Scintillating selection of demonstration material added the proverbial ‘Cherry on the Cake’

When you see hardened and seasoned industry professionals having their jaws drop, that’s exactly when you realise the devastating levels of the said demonstration had reached its absolute peak.

Chapeau time indeed!


Audiovision are usually known for have static displays of the brands they represent, but this time we were pleasantly surprised to experience an active demonstration of Bowers & Wilkins Formation range of active wireless speakers, for which we are not only glad but also ecstatic! The formation range of wireless speakers are the current product range under the spotlight and are equally important for Bowers & Wilkins to present to the world as this range is what they expect to be of significant value to the new generation of prospective buyers across the globe. Audiovision had the entire formation range on active demonstration, be it for multichannel or stereo. We were certainly impressed with the formation product range and hope that more music enthusiasts also get an opportunity to listen to them in the future. In addition to the formation speakers, the PX5 & PX7 headphones were also available for listening duties.

They also had a Rotel A14 Integrated Amplifier paired with the Bowers & Wilkins 607 Book Shelf speakers, along with the Formation Audio wireless audio hub, hooked up to showcase how a passive audio set up can be integrated with the multiroom audio formation network of products.

With that, this concludes the coverage of the What HiFi Show Mumbai 2020. We now hope that the Covid 19 pandemic ends quickly so that we all can get back to going about our normal lifestyle, the world over and that we are able to enjoy meeting friends and family. Stay happy, safe and remain calm in these trying times. Best wishes to all!





AV News Reviews



1401 – KEI




Fyne Audio’s F502 Speakers were paired with NAD’s M10, the new BluOS Streaming Amplifier that was launched internationally, a couple of months ago. The Alexa enabled M10 as a one box solution has a lot to offer, with the added advantage of being part of the Bluesound BluOS ecosystem. The gent conducting the demo had attached a hard drive to the M10 and was controlling the playlist via an iPad.  We enjoyed the simplistic setup and ease with which the music was played. Also interesting to note were the King & Queen showpieces that were placed on top of each speaker, were they just for show or were they doing something sonically??? We will leave this question to be answered by the good folks at KEI. The very fine Fyne Audio F502’s continue to impress us with their abilities and we look forward to hearing them more for a future review.

Pricing of the above equipment as follows:

Fyne Audio F502 – 1.9L

M10 – 2.8L






KLH, the newly launched loudspeakers company was present in the form of their Kendall & Albany. Paired to them were Peachtree Audio Amplifiers Nova 300 & 150. We were advised that the KLH speakers were brand new out of the box and had arrived just in time for the show. We liked what we heard in the brief period that we were in the room and the synergy with the Peachtree Amps was good. Thanks to the new distributors – M/s. Root Note Audio, we shall be listening to the Peachtree gear in future. Hopefully, Monee the distributors of KLH will oblige as well.

Pricing as advised for the above equipment as follows:

KLH Kendall – 1.55L

KLH Albany – 56k

Peachtree Nova 300 – 1.85L

Peachtree Nova 150 – 1.37L

Peachtree Deep Blue 3 – 45k

Peachtree Deep Bluesky – 47k

Audio Art Cables used were as under:

IC3 1.0M – 9K

IC3 TECHFLEX 1.0M – 10.5K

SC5-GB 3M – 20.3K

SC5-SB – 21K

SC5-SP – 20.3K

POWER 1 2M – 18.5K

1403 – AVAAA







Mostly all static equipment in the form of cables placed on racks. Thonet & Vander Kugel Bluetooth Powered Speakers(30k) and Dunn Soundbar with Sub(15k) were on demo. We liked the Thonet & Vander equipment for being value for money and serving the purpose very well.

1404 – KEI





In this room, KEI showcased a few Thorens turntables, Elac’s well engineering Miracord 90 and an Audio Technica LP60BT, by means of a static display. We are not fans of static displays so post clicking the mandatory pics, we had nothing else to do here. What was noteworthy was that KEI had taken pains to display the prices alongside of each of the models on display, across all their rooms. We really appreciate this gesture as it makes it easy for all concerned, so kudos to KEI for doing the needful.

1411 – KEI




What was going to be an active speakers with a turntable set up turned out to be an active speakers with digital source setup, due to certain technical issues in setting up a turntable. Nonetheless, we focused on the Totem Kin Play, which are getting very well reviewed internationally. Unfortunately, we could not hear them sufficiently to be able to write more about them but whatever little we heard, we liked. Hopefully, we shall be sent a pair for review in the near future.

1412 – M.Z. AUDIO




M.Z. Audio had taken a suite which had the inner area with equipment as under:

Marantz SA10 SACD Player – 5L

Marantz PM10 SACD Amplifer – 6.35L

Q Acoustics Concept 500 – 4.10L

The flagship Marantz Amplifier and SACD Player with Q Acoustics Flagship Concept 500 Speakers were showcased as a stereo set-up.

The outer area had 2 set ups of Marantz + Q Acoustic + Morel in home theatre configurations.

Set-up one had:

Morel CW525LCR – 3.15L

Morel CW600 – 85k

Morel MSP10 – 60K

Marantz SR7013 – 2.15L

Set-up two had:

Q Acoustics Concept 40 Tower – 1.23L

Q Acoustics Concept Centre – 34K

Q Acoustics Concept 20 – 48K

Q Acoustics 2070Si – 49K

Marantz SR5013 – 1.10L

Source used for both was a Marantz UD7007 – 85K

We were glad to see that the clutter of static display was non-existent in the room, save for a set of Q Acoustics 7000 LRi(36K) & Ci(19K) placed at the entrance of the room. Q Acoustics Rock Speaker – QI65LW(27K) was also on static display.



X10 4K



We Started off with the M1+, an ultra compact and portable projector that features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, along with built in Harman Kardon speakers. Ideal for sharing multimedia anywhere, even outdoors thanks to a built in battery power supply. The form factor is really small, making it a breeze to carry around in its own pouch that is part of the M1+ which also has 16GB inbuilt memory.  The M1+ makes it easy to share and view a variety of multimedia content, as it comes with multiple connectivity options including HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB Type C, Audio Out and a MicroSD card reader. We look forward to reviewing the M1+ in the near future.

 The next projector we saw was the X10-4K LED portable projector with LED technology, the projector offers up to 30,000 hours of operational life. The X10-4K projector includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and an integrated Smart TV interface for easy streaming of TV shows and movies from popular content services, while a built-in OS provides access to popular apps via the Android Aptoide store. The X10-4K features 125% of Rec.709 color accuracy and Frame Interpolation technology, which reduces motion blur and ensures fluid multimedia content projection. The connectivity options include HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2, USB 2.0 Type-A, Type-C, Audio In/Out, and RJ45. This too has speakers from Harman Kardon, a lightweight design, easy carry handle, and short throw lens, the X10-4K can be conveniently moved from room to room, indoors to outdoors. The projector features 2,400 LED lumens of brightness, and Wi-Fi connectivity.



Milan Art Screen with Leather Finish

Size:-92″ Diagonal

Surface:- Micro Perforated Silver 3D

Mrp:- Rs.2,00,000

Milan Motorized Tab Tensioned

Size:-92″ Diagonal


Mrp:- Rs.60,000

Milan Zero Edged Screen

Size:-92″ Diagonal

Surface:-Optical (Ambient Light Rejection)

Mrp:- Rs.90,000

As always, Milan Sales Corporation was fronted by the bossman Milan himself, who kept us entertained with the demonstration of the 3 types of screens on demo and their attributes. For the pricing, Milan Sales Corporation always provide value for money and that is precisely why they sell a lot of screens year on year. We were particularly impressed with the Art Screen with Leather finish, that not only looked beautiful with the now customiseable leather wrapped border in a variety of colors, but also with any type of picture/artwork that one can custom design to their liking.



Vinshek Marketing focused on providing a hands on demo of Elan based home automation to one and all, thereby educating not only an end user but also those who are part of the automation installation industry. We couldn’t sit through one of their sessions as had other rooms to cover as well.


Little Nap had a few new models of recliners to showcase, one which we have shared the video of was very comforting to sit on and attractive to look as well, what with a pleasant red textured leather used to wrap the same. We spent a good 5 minutes relaxing in the same post which it was time to hit the next room.




Klipsch Forte III Speakers

Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT) Pre/Power Amplifiers

Klipsch Debut Carbon Turntable

Cinebels showcased the above models as their demo set up, which sounded great when they played a record, which was rare as they mostly played music via Bluetooth, which was quite a turn off for us. We were atleast glad to hear some music on vinyl for a few minutes to note that the Balanced Audio Technologies Pre/Power indeed drove the Klipsch Forte III Speakers rather beautifully. We wish we could hear this set up more, sadly not! The turntable looked familiar as it is none other than the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with Klipsch badge engineering. Anyway, as per the Klipsch website, this is now a discontinued model.

Pricing of the above models as under:

Klipsch Forte III – 4.95L

Static Display Models:

Klipsch Heresy – 2.68L

Klipsch Sixes – 89.8K

Klipsch Three – 46.8K

Klispch One – 28.8K

Theatre Bar – 1.5L (Fully cusomiseable as it is made to order and delivery schedule is 12 weeks)

1418 +1419 – VU TECHNOLOGIES


VU Technologes showcased their new range of TV’s, ranging from sizes 75, 86 to 100 inches from their pixelight & quantum pixelight series.

Unfortunately, no one was made aware of them being offered at special prices if booked during the show! The star of the TV’s on display was the 100” 4K TV that retails at 20L, but was available for a very special price of 13.5L!!! This is the world’s first 100” 4K LED TV and does it look good or what? Fantastic we say and worth buying if you have the real estate and financial ability to buy the same. VU Technologies are truly showcasing quality and value for money at the moment. We certainly believe in their products as we also happen to use their TV’s and have been very satisfied with their quality and price to performance abilities.











As is customary with Audiovision India, this year too they had lined up their room with products from the brands named above by means of static displays, except for Soundcast portable speaker models, which they played intermittently inside and outside their room. Most of the visitors were disappointed, including us for not being able to have a chance to hear their great line of brands, such as B&W, Jeff Rowland, Melco, Vivid Audio, to name a few. We hope that next year they will change the system and get active from static!

1423 – AERO


Aero showcased their range of water proof Mirror TV’s, LED display video walls, LCD monitors, digital posters, along with their flagship product called Aeroscape, a 176” smart LED TV, which is the world’s largest LED TV.

All in all, the products on display were well displayed and their functionality was perfectly explained by the team at hand for doing so. We were surprised to see a few digital posters used in the marketing of the show this year, at the hotel venue, which is a good sign and hopefully will be used in a full fledged way for the ones to follow. We look forward to learning more about Aero’s product range in the near future.