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Nagaoka Corporation Trading Co. Ltd., Japan, the company behind some of the most popular Moving Magnet (MM) Cartridges worldwide, have now got official representation in India, via Audiophile Goa who have been appointed as their distributor. Audiophile Goa, founder director, Buland Shukla has advised us that his company will be selling the following Nagaoka products:

For Turntables & Vinyl Related Accessories –

Record Player Cartridges

Record Player Cartridges with Head Shells

Record Player Cartridge Replacement Stylii

Record Cleaning Brushes

Stylus Cleaners

Rolling Record Cleaners

Antistatic Record Sprays

Antimicrobial Record Sprays

Record Cleaner Sprays

Anti Static Record Inner Sleeves

LP Outer Jackets

45 RPM Adaptors

Isolation devices for placing under equipment –

SS Ruby Isolation Spikes

Brass Ruby Isolation Spikes

Headphones & Accessories –

Hi Res Earphones

Hi Res Headphones

Tendo Headphone stands

Ruby Filter Earphones Leather Case

For more details, please send an email

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We are delighted that our market will now have access to the world renowned Nagaoka Cartridges which are currently most popular amongst the Vinyl Enthusiasts, for proving Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges at a reasonable cost, in relation to their superb performance. We will also be reviewing a few of them and the cleaning accessories in the near future, stay tuned!

AV News


Nexus Audio Video, the distributors for AVM Audio Video Manufaktur Gmbh, has informed us that the new line of turntables designed and made in house by AVM Audio, will be soon available in our markets. There are 2 models currently made by AVM, called the R2.3 and R5.3

Excerpts from Mr. Udo Besser, Owner & Managing Director – AVM Audio Video Manufaktur GmbH, as under:

“The first turntables for AVM are AVM’s contribution to a vinyl revival. Designing technologically high-end analog sources was already a long-term wish dream and ambition, from the beginning a matter from the owner’s desk. Simultaneously, AVM introduces upgrades already for all the renowned phono stages in various AVM products. The combined expertise in both fields enables AVM to complete its unique portfolio with a range of pure analog products. Both turntables feature completely own tone arms exclusively designed by AVM.”

We look forward to playing with either or both models in the near future, stay tuned!