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What Hi-Fi? Show Mumbai 2023 – Part 2

14th Floor:


Sony’s HT-A9 Home Theater Speakers, with VPL-XW5000ES 4K HDR SXR Laser Projector were showcased, along with a 100″ TV with their sound bar range as well. For more details, please contact us at –

Eight Audio:

A home theater set up was showcased along with a couple of inwall speakers as well as sealed & ported subwoofers on static display were part of the Eight Audio Room. For more details, please contact us at –

Pen Workers:

Couple of recliner chair options were showcased, For more details, please contact us at –

Reflex Audio:

An unconventional home theatre set up using pro audio speakers were showcased by relatively unknown company called Reflex Audio, from Kolhapur. Whilst the owner was present himself and adamant that the speakers showcased weren’t for Pro Audio, we would like to think that the pictures would say otherwise. Having said that, the offer price was very attractive for a 11.2 Channel Set-up, so if you have the real estate to accommodate them then by all means, a truly value for money option to consider. For more details, please contact us at –


The Mania & Mania Opera de Paris are the newest speakers from Devialet. Honestly speaking, we found them to be one of the best from Devialet. Definitely something to strongly consider in the wireless hi-fidelity smart speakers segment. The entire range of Devialet was also available for demo. For more details, please contact us at –

Bang & Olufson:

Nothing new was showcased but pretty much everything that was shown has been available in the market for a while. For more details, please contact us at –


Yet again, nothing new was showcased but pretty much everything that was shown has been available in the market for a while. For more details, please contact us at –


Barring the new UST Projector, the Epson LS800 on demo, everything else has been around in the market for a while. The LS800 will be launched on the 1st of June 2023. For more details, please contact us at –


Dynavoice Speakers and Subwoofer in a home theater configuration were on demo, along with Pantheone powered Speakers. For more details, please contact us at –


Alphatec has been on a brand acquisition strategy for sometime now and they showcased a couple of them, such as Genelec, House of Marley, Audio Technica, Audiopro, BEC Akustik, Lithe Audio, Tivoli Audio. We wish them the very best in managing all these brands and more that they will most certainly add in the near future. For more details, please contact us at –

Recliners India:

A new design in combination recliner sofa design amongst other designs that have already been shown earlier made up for their room. For more details, please contact us at –

GTC Industries:

Lumina screens showcased some of their screens. For more details, please contact us at –

Profx(Polk Audio):

Polk Signature Series Speakers & Sub with Denon AVR-X3800H AV Receiver were showcased in a home theater configuration. For more details, please contact us at –


Definitive Technology BP9000 Series Speakers with Descend Series Subwoofer along with Denon’s AVR-X4800H AV Receiver were showcased in a home theater configuration. For more details, please contact us at –


KEF’s LS50 Wireless II with LSX II Wireless Powered Speakers were showcased. For more details, please contact us at –

Aytexcel Pvt. Ltd.

Formovie Projectors & Vivid Storm Projection Screens were covering every possible square foot of their room! Projectors were also projecting on the ceiling to showcase their ability to be carried anywhere and use as desired. Plenty of innovative models espcially one model of projector that was gimbal mounted! Too many details to share here so for specific inquiries, please contact us at –


A plethora of cables, power distribution outlets, banana plugs and accessories along with wireless neck speakers and cheapy chinese all in one turntables were lined up in this room. For more details, please contact us at –


Mofi’s Ultradeck Turntable with Outboard Phono Pre and their recently introduced Source Point 10 Speakers made up for this corridor based static display. Andrew Jones designed Source Point 10 Speakers were something that almost all wh attended wanted to hear but sadly only a privileged few including us managed to hear them for a few minutes on the first day. For more details, please contact us at –

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What Hi-Fi? Show Mumbai 2023 – Part 1

The 2023 edition of the What Hi-Fi? Show took place at Hotel St. Regis, Mumbai between 25th & 27th May and we were present to cover the show, the details of which follows as under:

As is now customary with this show, the exhibitors are divided between the 8th floor & the 14th floor of the hotel, the 8th floor mainly having large staterooms whilst the 14th floor has small rooms & 2 suites.

We start our coverage on the 8th floor, which comprises of registration space, followed by a small room that was taken by Headphone Zone, that was pretty much in a corner that most wouldn’t even know of, had the door not been open.

8th Floor:

Headphone Zone:

A variety of headphones, amplifiers and digital audio players were at hand for the visitors to listen to. Well managed by the HPZ staff and owner.


BenQ launched a couple of projectors at the show along with the existing range of models were showcased by the personnel. For more details contact us at –

AK International:

Pretty much the entire range of Focal was showcased mainly via Static displays, alongside live demos of Naim’s Muso, Littora Outdoor Speakers, Focal AVR powered home theater as well as Maestro Utopia Speakers powered by Naim Pre/Power Electronics. A large room was well packed with the above, though a lot left to be desired when one is showcasing the flagship series of Focal Speakers & Naim Amplifiers! The pictures should speak for themselves. A solo display of Monster cables was also part of this room. For more details contact us at –

MZ Audio Distributions India + Viewsonic:

A bazaar setting of static displays consisting of Marantz, Q Acoustics, Mission, Heco, Magnat, Loewe, Velodyne, Episode with a sprinkling of Viewsonic Projectors covered the entire room. For more details contact us at –


A corridor setting was chosen to static display models from Onkyo, Integra & Pioneer AV Receivers, alongside a pair of Klipsch & Jamo Speakers. For more details contact us at –

Audio Nirvana:

Rotel, Sonus Faber, McIntosh electronics and speakers were static displayed alongside a live set up consisting of all 3 brands. For more details contact us at –

Sound & Vision:

Live demonstrations of Sim2 Projectors on Screen Research Screens, plus Artcoustic speakers on static display as well as live demo were part of this room. Sim2 projectors definitely were some of the best one can buy but then at a steep price so definitely for the chosen few only. The owner of Sound & Vision was giving the demos of all the brands and did so happily.

For more details contact us at –

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What Hi-Fi Show 2022 Coverage

Among the Audio/Video shows happening this year, the What Hi-fi Show was one that was much anticipated and as is customary, there wasn’t much information shared about what would be shown or who would be participating this year. We at HifiHunt are very well versed with this format maintained by the or-ganisers of the show wanting to keep as much under wraps as possible and so weren’t surprised to experience such yet again.
This year too, the show venue was ‘The St. Regis’, located at lower parel, Mumbai and we are only too familiar with the hotel layout and its idiosyncrasies. The pandemic hasn’t been too kind to the hospitality industry and it showed with the venue quite tellingly. Most of the rooms need a renovation as do the overall aesthetics of the hotel. Exhibitors were unhappy with the lack of proper wi-fi networks provided by the hotel, thereby forcing them to make their own arrangements to get the internet working to showcase their wi-fi enabled products, namely with streaming features to play music from lossless services as is part and parcel of the stereo playback platform these days. Poor air conditioning in the rooms only made matters worse and tempers rose!
With a pretty poor participation and support from the AV Industry being apparent, another very big Commercial A/V Show taking place on same dates (Pam Expo), major cost cutting was the only way for the organisers to get this show going and it showed in the way it was managed with the hotel, which sadly made matters worse and did not bode well for the future.
We attended on the first and second days of the show and it became quite obvious that the show wasn’t going to be a popular one with the music and movie enthusiasts visiting the show, with quite a few being disappointed with what they saw and heard. This was amplified by the lack of interest shown by the majority of the exhibitors to attend to what they wanted as their main focus was to network with the industry members be it dealers, system integrators and such. Therefore, this show really doesn’t make itself attractive to end users to experience what they want in the truest sense.
Making matters worse is that most of the equipment is on static display which hardly makes any sense for one to make the effort to visit the show to see such as one isn’t interested in such displays. What the need of the hour is for the visitors to see, hear and feel post which they can make an informed decision to connect with the respective brands dealers to proceed further with their interest in the said products post which make a purchase through them. Static displays therefore never help anyone and ideally should be done away with honestly.

Showstoppers are supposed to be experienced, not to be just seen as static displays! When does one get an opportunity to see & hear these in their lifetime? Rarely if ever at all and hence why not give that experience to the visitors so that they feel the effort made to attend such shows is well worth their time & monies?

What does one do with a relic from the past kept as a showstopper yet again as a static display? How does it add value? Is this a vintage AV Show? So many questions, with no answers!
A systematic downslide of where this show is headed is what really is the outcome as far as we are concerned. Truly disappointing to say the very least as for us such shows are doing more harm than good for the growth of the AV Industry and that’s why it really hurts us more!
With that being said, we nonetheless have to cover the show and have tried to do so to the very best of our abilities and being as neutral as we can.
8th Floor Coverage:

Learning from PTC, BenQ had also taken a large hall to showcase as many projectors as they could, leaving no wall without projection! New models of note were the V7050i UST 4K Laser TV Projector  as well as the LU960UST that is a 5200 ANSI lumens WUXGA installation projector. Quite a variety of models to confuse any prospective buyer, but then that is the name of the game as far as projector brands are concerned! We quite liked what the LU960UST does and definitely need to see its performance capabilities at a later date.

Preeti Trading Corporation(PTC):
As is customary of PTC, who offlate have been on a brand acquisition spree, were the major sponsors of the show and yet again showcased all their brands in a large hall that was completely loaded with various brands products leaving no room to spare, thereby fully recovering the monies they paid to the organisers. Lets break up their contribution to the show, Brand wise:
Monitor Audio:
The entire gamut of entry to mid level models from Monitor Audio were on static display including some CI multichannel amplifiers, streaming stereo amplifiers and a turntable from Roksan Audio, which also is part of the Monitor Audio umbrella these days.


The Stage, SCL and HDI Series of JBL were on static display, along with a separate HDI series LCR set up on demo with a Denon AVR. Revel’s Concerta Series range of speakers, subwoofer, were also on static display.


The new Emit Series of speakers, subwoofer and a few CI speakers were also on static display.

Bowers & Wilkins:

Having recently acquired joint distribution of the brand, alongside the erstwhile distribution company(really don’t know why brands do such things as it does more harm than good when two distribution companies are in the picture) showcased the 600 Series of speakers as static displays alongside a stereo demo with Denon Source and Amplification. Static displays of their CI series of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, subwoofers and M1 Satellite speakers were also part of the floor space occupation.

Ascendo: A multichannel demo of their speakers and subwoofers was on offer.


With the current shortage of AVR’s, Static displays of the higher model range, including the 110th anniversary models that include an AVR, a stereo amplifier and a SACD player were all on static display, alongside a few on demo with whatever speaker brands that were given demo duties.
Classe: Static display of their Delta Series.

Having to showcase Onkyo and Pioneer that they have very recently acquired distribution duties of thanks to the parent company of Klipsch/Jamo owning these erstwhile illustrious brands, Cinebels went all out to show as much as they could by means of doing a ‘PTC’, using entire floor space of 2 large halls to cram them with everything from Klipsch, Jamo, Onkyo and Pioneer models that they could lay their hands on.
Static displays of Speakers, AVR’s and demo set ups of soundbars, home theater speakers, multimedia speakers and stereo were all fighting for one’s attention in both the halls. Jamo’s famous legacy speaker the R909 (circa 2008) was on Static Display outside the entrance of the 2 halls taken by Cinebels and adjoining these were a wall display dedicated to sharing the history of the brand by means of a timeline dedicated to models that denoted milestones towards 50 years of its inception. A quick view of everything and we were off to the last hall on the 8th floor.

Aero Digital:
Aero digital showcased pretty much everything they offer in the form of interactive displays, mirror TV’s, video walls, kiosk displays, digital standees, Smart TV’s and Lift Panels. They have a lot of customised displays to offer at varying sizes, price points and are always keen to be part of any project be it commercial or personal, to offer cost effective solutions.

12th Floor:
Intelligible Tech Solutions / Milan Sales Corporation:
Their suite showcased Savant Systems, Gest, Intesis and Milan Screens. Their star attraction was the Savant Pro Remote that is voice controlled, can be customised to the individuals requirements be in color and  or applications wise. Milan screens were pretty much all over the show used by the projector companies in their rooms.

Aytexcel Pvt. Ltd:
XGIMI range of  projectors along with a soon to be available for sale  ‘Formovie’ brand of wifi router sized projectors were on demo. We were impressed by the small form factor of some of the formovie brand of projectors that were on demo. A nice option for those wanting to take their movie viewing experience with them when traveling, This segment surely is getting heated as most of the big brand projector companies are also introducing models to compete with such yet not very well known Chinese brands that are plentiful.

Epson India Pvt. Ltd:
Epson showcased their newly launched LS12000 4K Procinema Laser Projector that is their current flagship model. The LS12000 is laser driven and is capable of 2700 ANSI Lumens brightness. We could not really get a decent look at its PQ, but hope to do so in the near future.

Pro Audio Video:
New entrants to the home AV segment, Pro Audio Video are dealing with pretty much all the popular mass market AV brands and had filled their room with whatever they could get from their partnered distribution companies sent them for static display. KEI, one of the distribution companies supporting them kindly lent a couple of ELAC and Fyne Audio Speakers to demo their Tonewinner brand of AVR in their room. Something better than nothing is all that we can say!

Luxury Personified:They had 3 rooms dedicated to Devialet, Sonos and Bang & Olufsen(B&O)
Aside from the Phantom range of speakers, they had the recently launched Dione Soundbar that was on demo. TheDione is highly touted as one of the best soundbars out there and it better be as its tentative retail price is 2.6L but it sounded quite average when we heard. It could be due to the way it was set up so we shall reserve our final judgement until the time we hear it properly in the future. The team handling the room were suffering from internet woes and were not able to get it going as desired.
Band & Olufsen:
The following B&O products were on demo: Beosound Stage Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, Beoplay A9 – 4th Generation Multiroom Speaker, Beosound Level – Portable Wifi Speaker, Beoremote Halo, Beolab 28 – Hi-Res Wireless Stereo Speakers, Beolab 19 Wireless subwoofer and the Beovision Harmony OLED TV. We have seen these multiple times at the Mumbai experience store and hence do not have much to add on these.

The entire range of Sonos Speakers, be it soundbars, wireless speakers, Subwoofer, In-wall, In-ceiling & outdoor speakers were on static display. On demo were the soundbars and the wireless speakers.

Little Nap Recliners:
Their recliner chairs across price points and customizable options were available for one to sit and relax. Pretty much the same as is seen every show they take part in.

MZ Audio Distributions India
Surprisingly, only one demo room was taken and they had showcased Loewe Soundbar, Surround and Wireless speakers, which were on demo. The soundbar was quite good and definitely should be heard by those looking for a good soundbar. MZ also had a stereo set up on demo that consisted of a pair of Heco Celan Revolution 9 Speakers with Marantz PM8006 & ND8006 amplifier + CD with streamer driving the speakers. The set up sounded quite good and honestly speaking a surprise from MZ who usually focus more on home theater demos when they take part in these types of shows. A couple of Episode In-wall and In-ceiling speakers were kept on static display.

A number of projector models were on demo and the focus of the room was on the newly launched  X1000-4K+ & X2000B-4K UST Projectors.We definitely liked what we saw, PQ wise, of the X2000B-4K and would love to see more of its capabilities in the future and recommend this to those looking for a compact UST 4K lamp free projector. Pricing of this model is yet to be finalized.

Sony India:
We could not cover this room as it had entry by appointment only. It becomes very difficult to cover such rooms as time is always of the essence and one simply cannot be held to ransom by having such high handedness imposed by such exhibitors. We would like to share what we received as an honest opinion of one of the visitors of the show who had the following to say about their experience with Sony.
“Sony had a secretive room kept locked up, open only at select times for a select audience for some hi-tech demo organised by MI5, x-KGB, Mossad, CIA, combined. The crowd outside the room flocked more to eye the mini-skirted legs of the non-English speaking bimbo placed outside for so-called shock value!!!”
We think that these views aired were apt and to the point!

NOTE: Pictures taken by one of our friends and kindly shared for our article purpose only.

Optoma India:
Two models were on demo, namely the very recently launched  Cinema X – D2 4K UHD HDR Cinema Laser Projector, that is basically the P2 with a few features minused to reduce the price and make it more appealing to the end user from the cost effective point of view.  A price of 3.45L was advised to us by the company reps. Another model on demo was the UHZ50 Smart 4K UHD Laser Projector. The visuals created by this projector were truly stunning and one that can safely be shortlisted for those looking for a long throw projector.

Vinshek Private Ltd:
Dynavoice speakers and subwoofers were on demo as well as static display in a home theater configuration. We could not hear them much due to paucity of time but we liked what they did and certainly found them upto the mark with regard to delivering the punch that most want from such setups in a home theater configuration. We wish team Vinshek all the very best for their new brand acquisition.

As is the usual practice, a bunch of cables, connectors and accessories were on display from brands that include Nedis, Profigold, Bandridge, Sinox and Techly. They also showcased some cheap Chinese all in one type turntables under their Nedis branding.

McIntosh C22 Preamplifier with MC275 Power amplifier and MB50 Streamer were paired with Sonus Faber Electa Amator III Stand Mount Speakers and played wonderfully to their respective strengths.Static displays included a couple of Arcam AVR/Stereo Amplifier, Edwards Audio Turntable, McIntosh Speaker and Sonus Faber CI range of Speakers.

Acoustic Portrait/MS Corrson:
Shiva and Jeya of Acoustic Portrait/MS Corrson showcased the same set up of Amplifier/DAC and speakers that they did during the last show. A couple of changes to the preamp section were the notable new additions. We have heard this combination set up costing in the range of 12L and hence did not spend too much time here. We were actually disappointed that the new stand mount speakers and swara integrated amplifier were on static display only as Shiva advised that he did not find the room conducive to playing them.

Audio Nirvana:
Rotels Michi Pre and Monoblock Power Amps were paired with Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III and sounded quite nice. Since they had intermittent wifi network issues, they switched from streaming Hi-Res music files and connected a Rotel CD11 CD Player to continue their demos. Sonus Faber Omnia Soundbar was also on demo but the wifi network issues put paid to us getting to listen to it, hopefully we will in the near future. Rotel’s A11 Amplifier with CD11 CD Player was also on demo, connected with Sonus Faber Lumina I Stand mount speakers.
Static displays  included Sonus Faber Sonetto V floorstanding speakers and Rotel A12 MKII Integrated amplifier.
That then completed the coverage of the What HiFi Show 2022 Mumbai. We can only hope that the next one doesn’t slide below the quality of this one.

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When an AV show takes place for the first time in a part of the country that has never experienced one, the hopes of one and all are high. Hyderabad is considered as the ideal city to have such a show what with the target audience being extremely fond of their music & movies. The majority of these enthusiasts also have the where with all to spend and also have the luxury of real estate to do justice to their spending, which is quite rare these days in general. Hence the show should ideally be a huge hit.

From what we saw from Thursday afternoon to the late evening on Sunday, it was by all accounts a relative success but there is always room for improvement and that is where we shall focus on in this piece.

Starting from the venue, which is well known in the local circuit to be one that is pretty much a nonentity these days as far as being one visited by the local well heeled populace, it became pretty apparent from Thursday itself as for why this was the case.

Secondly, we have pretty much given up on trying to promote the show as time & again, our pleas to get the information on who is exhibiting which brands & their specific models, goes on deaf ears & now it has become a truly futile attempt to get the desired information from either the show organisers or the exhibitors, who by their behaviour with regard to sharing the relevant information, appear to be still in kindergarten & believe in keeping everything a secret! How does it help to grow the audience of such a show if you do not believe in divulging any information to the target audience, therby making it not a priority for them to attend & look at other things to do during the weekend of the show? We are constantly provided with such feedback from disgruntled AV enthusiasts, who now don’t even bother to think about visiting the show. It is sad to see the enthusiasm being killed by such childish mentality of the exhibitors and being disrespectful towards the target audience as well. Ok, so then the show is targeted towards the industry itself as it becomes more of a B2B, than a B2C show. If that is the case, then it should purely focus on this aspect & put an end towards AV enthusiasts, prospective buyers, end users as being the targeted audience for the same. There is no point for the show organisers to spend tidy sums by means of advertising in local newspapers, digital media & other such avenues, which am sure they wouldn’t mind as their profits will no doubt be much more if they went down this path.

Another recurring issue is that of static displays, which inspite of doing no favours to the visiting audience yet the trend continues, which is disappointing to say the very least.

Overall, the show could have been much better, more involving & get much more traction, had the organisers & exhibitors being more enthusiastic towards achieving the common goal.

We hope that our observations are taken into consideration positively and they help in improving the quality of the shows in the future to ensure growth for  the AV Industry & Target Audience.

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What Hi-Fi Show 2019 Hyderabad Show Coverage Report – Part 1

The 11th edition of the What Hi-Fi? Show 2019, took place at the Trident, Hitec City, Hyderabad, from the 30th August to 1st September 2019. We were present from the day before the show started right till it was pack up time on the last day, to cover the event as well as assist a few of our friends from the AV Industry, who were participating in the show.

We will therefore cover each of the rooms that we entered and provide our audience with the details of the brands and models show cased, room wise.

We start with the 2 Ball Rooms that were taken by the following:

Preeti Trading Corporation (PTC):

The main sponsors of the What Hi-Fi? Show were as is customary for them present by means of showcasing their wares in a Ball Room, but this time, they had been very smart and used the size of the room to ideally showcase their Home Theatre Demo, which consisted of the under noted:

Static Display –

Monitor Audio

Tower Speakers (Monitor 300 & Silver 200) Series

In Wall & In Ceiling Speakers (Iw460x and cpct380idc)

Denon –

AVR’s (S series 650, 750 and 950)

Demo Setup –

Pro Audio Technology


Surrounds SCRS 6iwp

Atmos Speakers – SCRS 25ica

Subwoofers – SCRS 14sm

Amps –




Retail price – 49 lakhs

We were extremely happy to hear and see the outcome as we were pretty disappointed with their efforts at the last show and were not at all complimentary in conveying the same to the big boos at PTC. Our constructive criticism seems to have worked as the outcome of their approach with respect to this show was totally different and one that worked positively in their favour.

We particularly enjoyed their home theatre set up which whilst not only had the impact and punch that one expects from a install in a large room but one that also gave the visiting hyderabadi people, a sense of scale that can be achieved, what with them being blessed with large rooms & real estate available to do justice to a home theatre scenario.

Good Job, team PTC, you guys definitely surprised us with your room this time!


BenQ used the entire room area to demo the range of models they have and also a few on static display. Details of all the models are provided in the pics attached.


1217 – MONEE & CO

The range of KLH speakers in Book Shelf, Tower, Surround, Inwall & Inceiling speakers were showcased, in stereo, home theatre & static display.

1219 – VINSHEK

Elan Home Automation products and accessories, Rako Control Panel Switches & Fusion Research Audio Server were showcased here.


The Jamo range of subwoofers, tower speakers and book shelf speakers greeted us at one side, garden speakers on the opposite with plywood wall of inwall & in ceiling speakers on static display. The other end of the room had a home theatre demo of Jamo speakers and the adjoin suite room had a full blown THX certified Jamo Speakers 5.1.2 Atmos enabled set up on demo. The side area of the room had some static THX certified speakers along with in ceiling speakers on display.


The new range of recliners from Recliners India were on demo/display here. Most people visited this room and it was always full. Recliners India also had a placard placed outside their room stating their achievements, service criteria amongst their other USP’s.

1224 – VINSHEK

Waterfall Audio Speakers in floor standing, in wall/in ceiling & subwoofers, were on demo and static display here.  The Victoria speakers were very attractive to look at but sadly the room acoustics did not support the speaker’s performance in the truest sense, as they sounded their best at lower to moderate volumes. It was good to see them nonetheless.


Amina Invisible Speakers and Audio Vector QR Series in home theatre application. We were pleasantly surprised at the performance of the Amina Speakers in this configuration and commend team Rivera International for managing such a impressive result. We are sure that most visitors must have been impressed as well.


The Lyravox Stereomaster SM3-150 & SM2-170 were showcased to good effect, targeted to the well heeled HNI looking for a truly hi-end stereo solution.


The combination of PMC IB1S Transmission Line Speakers with Octave V80SE Integrated Tube Amplifier & AVM MP3.2 CD Player with Streamer were well matched & delivered the results in an emphatic manner. There was no contest once again though the set up really came into its own from Saturday onwards. Yes, the man behind Nexus AV always finds the proverbial pin of a hand grenade, which he pulled off masterfully to showcase his talent into the art of setting up a kick ass system in a horribly designed hotel room. No fancy acoustic panels, isolating devices, power conditioners nor any gimmickry involved here! Some incredible music heard once again, thanks to the CD collection that accompanied as part of the playlist.

Sadly, the setup involved doesn’t come cheap & is privy only to those who can afford the same!


Another room used to cram as much product as possible, what with Projectors firing to Screens in every possible space of the room. Quick click of pics will show the needful.


Devialet Phantom Reactors belting out loud sound throughout the day, every single day, without fail. Bang, bang & more bang!

1230 – M Z Audio

Q Acoustics Concept 40 in a 5.1 home theatre set up with Marantz Pre/Power were showcased in the main room of the suite. The adjoining room had Q Acoustics Concept 500 with Marantz PM10 & SA10 hooked up, which sadly the majority did not even hear thanks to the notion that only home theatre demo was possible in the said room. An even bigger pity was the presence of the new Concept 300’s albeit on static display at the event registration area. One big opportunity missed to show case these raved about speakers, which sadly we won’t have a chance of listening to thanks to various reasons involved.


XTZ Speakers, subwoofers & PSA Subwoofers were on demo in a dolby atmos 5.2.2 configuration, along with Eltax 5.0 Speakers & Tangent 3.0 Speakers Sets, as static displays in the room. The good folk behind Surround swar tried their best to dial in the monstrous subs throughout the show & what we heard gave us enough to rate their set up as that being highly capable to deliver the goods to a movie crazy enthusiast craving for good quality bass extension. We hope to review some of the XTZ speakers in the near future.

On demo were the following:


Cinema M8 Tower speakers

Cinema M8 Center speaker

Cinema S5 Surrounds speakers

Cinema S2 Atmos speakers Upfiring Modules

DS12.17 sealed dual 12” Subwoofer (Debut at the show)

D12.17 sealed side firing dual 12” Subwoofer (Debut at the show)


PSA V1510 15” Ported Subwoofer


Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Inc., are now officially represented in India by Soundtrails, which was a good surprise to us & to those who visited their room. Mofi Electronics by way of the Ultra & Studio Decks & Phono Stages were on demo along with Vinyl Accessories & Vinyls displayed alongside. We look forward to reviewing the Mofi Electronics in the near future.


Axiom Wireless Speakers, the M5HP & M100 were on demo along with numerous inwall & onwall speakers on static display, with Clicktronic & Goobay Wires. The source was compromised hence we could not really get a good idea of these Axioms. Hopefully these will be sent for review to us in the future.


Aero Digital products were showcased which consisted of Mirror TV’s Digital Displays, Digital Standees & 2 Way Digital Displays. We are always impressed by the price to performance ratio that Aero Digital Products deliver upon and definitely see them growing in stature as the years go by.


It has been a long while since we heard Acoustic Portrait products and that too consisting of the entire chain, which certainly was a bonus for us as we have always felt that their synergy is best achieved when they entire chain involved consists of their own products. On demo were the new speakers called Naadam, along with Thiyaga DAC & Thiyaga Power Amplifier with Volume Control.

It was also a pleasure to meet the people behind Acoustic Portrait, namely Jaya & Siva, who were very warm and gave their audience ample time to listen to their products. Acoustic Portrait also had the Kavi Active Studio Monitors at hand with their outboard Electronics, which sadly we could not hear due to being busy during the time they were brought into action. Nevertheless, the setup we heard that costs just under Rupees Ten Lakhs (excluding cables) was in our humble opinion a true winner and undoubtedly the star of the show.

The icing on the cake were the Indian Classical Music CD’s that Acoustic Portrait have for sale under their own label. These are some of the best recorded CD’s once can currently find in the market & are a real source of pleasure to those who love this genre of music. Acoustic Portrait also offer MP3(320 kbps) Studio Master FLAC Digital Downloads(24bit/192kHz) of the music via their website.

For those looking at investing in a quality stereo setup that will last a long time without the need for upgrading, then we highly recommend you visit Acoustic Portrait in Bangalore to get a first hand experience of what they have to offer. The only caveat being that you have to buy all the links of the chain to get the desired results.

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What Hi-Fi Show 2019 Hyderabad Show Coverage Report – Part 2


Nedis, Sweex, Bandridge & Profigold Cables Stacks were on display along with Thonet & Vander Koloss Speakers, Dunn Sound Bar & Outdoor Speakers were on demo.

Bandridge Speaker Cable Wire Spools, Apart Audio Speakers & Sennheiser Microphones Boxes were kept as static display.


As one entered the room, there were a stack of sub woofers placed on of top of the other, with a line of Klipsch RF Series Tower Speakers lined up post which there was a Forte III set up with Roksan DAC & Prima Luna Amp, playing music through a laptop. The adjoining room had a 5.1.2 home theatre set up along with a static display of sound bars and powered speakers.

As one left the room, the opposite wall of the room had a in wall / in ceiling speakers display mounted on a plywood wall with a small garden speakers corner assigned right near the room exit. We liked the effort taken to display the garden speakers in their natural habitat scenario.

1423 – EPSON

The room had the newly launched TW9400 projector on demo and the EB-700U ultra short throw projector kept at another side of the room.


Origin Acoustics Inwall/in ceiling speakers along with outdoor garden speakers were on demo along with their respective amplifiers. We were asked to listen to their outdoor garden speakers, the Bollard LandScape Design LSB64RD360k(Rs.1.45L ea), which were paired to the origin acoustics amplifier with DSP,  the DSP3-700 (Rs.2.57L ea) and were creatively placed amongst plants to create the intended atmosphere & environment into which they are to be placed. We spent some time listening to the speakers & were impressed with their performance, which was very good indeed but then at their respective pricing, these speakers better sound great! They also had more of the inceiling speaker & subwoofer models on static display along with a SB3 sound bar.


The following Piega Speakers Models were on demo


Classic 7.0

Classic 5.0

Classic 3.0

Premium Wireless 301 with Connect Module

Coax 311

TMicro Subwoofer

The Devialet Amp used for demo was the Expert 440 Pro Dual


Another recliner company showcasing various combinations possible with recliners, including two which were capable of doing more than just recline! They also showcased a new model that they have bagged an order for an upcoming elite multiplex cinema in Srilanka.

Pictures attached have all the details and a video as well.


We were surprised to see Linn products at the show as we have now forgotten the number of times this brand has changed distribution(more of representation than true distribution) in India. On demo were the Majik 140 Tower Speakers with Selekt DSM, with a Roon Server.

We were happy to listen to the Majik 140 & Delekt DSM, but we felt these were new out of the box & hence the very much essential breaking in hadn’t taken place to truly showcase their potential.

On static display were the Majik 109 Book Shelves, Majik DSM, Inwall & Inceiling Speakers. Also on static display were a number of furutech products.

1428 – PROFX (KEF)

A number of KEF speakers were on static display from the RSeries namely the 3, 7 & 11 Book Shelf & Tower Speakers, Q950 Tower Speakers, Kube Subwoofer, along with THX & QR Inwall & InCeiling Speakers. The solitary Denon PM2500NE Stereo Integrated Amp accompanied the above speakers as static display.

The LS50 & LSX Wireless Speakers were on demo playing music via Bluetooth paired with cell phones.


A 5.1 home theatre set up with Aurea Coaxial 8 as LCR & the Coaxial 6 as surround speakers and Lucas Sub 15 DSP subwoofer were showcased from the VIP Theatre Commercial Cinema Series & Lucas Home Cinema Series respectively.


This suite had the front part with static displays of Denon AVR’s, DP450 Turntable & the Polk Magnify Max SR Soundbar which was on demo intermittently.

The inner room attached had a full blown 5.1.2 home theatre set up consisting of

Polk Audio

Signature S50 Tower Speakers

Signature Centre Speaker

Signature S10 Surround Speakers

Subwoofer HTS12

Denon AVR-X

1431 & 1433 – EIGHT AUDIO

On stereo demo were the Satori Ara Be Book Shelf & Satori Rinjani Tower Speakers, along with the newly launched Platina B17 Book Shelf Speakers.

For the adjoining home theatre demo, the following configuration was used

Agate Series

F26 Towers + A13 Dolby Atmos Upfiring Speakers

C35 Centre Speaker

B13 Surround Speakers

S10 Ultra Thin Subwoofer

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What Hi-Fi? Show 2019 – Hyderabad (Exhibitors List)

As received from the show promoters, finally we are able to share the list of the exhibitors taking part in the What Hi-Fi? Show 2019, taking place at the Trident, Hitec City, Hyderabad.

What exactly will be showcased by the exhibitors, in terms of brands/models and so on is not yet known hence the only way to learn would be to visit the show.

For passes to the show, contact us.

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11th Edition What Hi-Fi? Show 2019 – Hyderabad

PTC presents What Hi-Fi? Show 2019 in association with Marantz|Q Acoustics and powered by BenQ, from 30th August to 1st September 2019, at Trident, Hitec City, Hyderabad.

Currently, we only know that the above entities are part of the show and that the show timings are from 11am to 7pm. We shall update on the brands participation and other allied information, once we are privy to the same. Till then expect it to be a khufiya show with one getting to know the rest only when one lands up at the Trident Hotel.

Stay tuned!

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1401 – KEI




Fyne Audio’s F502 Speakers were paired with NAD’s M10, the new BluOS Streaming Amplifier that was launched internationally, a couple of months ago. The Alexa enabled M10 as a one box solution has a lot to offer, with the added advantage of being part of the Bluesound BluOS ecosystem. The gent conducting the demo had attached a hard drive to the M10 and was controlling the playlist via an iPad.  We enjoyed the simplistic setup and ease with which the music was played. Also interesting to note were the King & Queen showpieces that were placed on top of each speaker, were they just for show or were they doing something sonically??? We will leave this question to be answered by the good folks at KEI. The very fine Fyne Audio F502’s continue to impress us with their abilities and we look forward to hearing them more for a future review.

Pricing of the above equipment as follows:

Fyne Audio F502 – 1.9L

M10 – 2.8L






KLH, the newly launched loudspeakers company was present in the form of their Kendall & Albany. Paired to them were Peachtree Audio Amplifiers Nova 300 & 150. We were advised that the KLH speakers were brand new out of the box and had arrived just in time for the show. We liked what we heard in the brief period that we were in the room and the synergy with the Peachtree Amps was good. Thanks to the new distributors – M/s. Root Note Audio, we shall be listening to the Peachtree gear in future. Hopefully, Monee the distributors of KLH will oblige as well.

Pricing as advised for the above equipment as follows:

KLH Kendall – 1.55L

KLH Albany – 56k

Peachtree Nova 300 – 1.85L

Peachtree Nova 150 – 1.37L

Peachtree Deep Blue 3 – 45k

Peachtree Deep Bluesky – 47k

Audio Art Cables used were as under:

IC3 1.0M – 9K

IC3 TECHFLEX 1.0M – 10.5K

SC5-GB 3M – 20.3K

SC5-SB – 21K

SC5-SP – 20.3K

POWER 1 2M – 18.5K

1403 – AVAAA







Mostly all static equipment in the form of cables placed on racks. Thonet & Vander Kugel Bluetooth Powered Speakers(30k) and Dunn Soundbar with Sub(15k) were on demo. We liked the Thonet & Vander equipment for being value for money and serving the purpose very well.

1404 – KEI





In this room, KEI showcased a few Thorens turntables, Elac’s well engineering Miracord 90 and an Audio Technica LP60BT, by means of a static display. We are not fans of static displays so post clicking the mandatory pics, we had nothing else to do here. What was noteworthy was that KEI had taken pains to display the prices alongside of each of the models on display, across all their rooms. We really appreciate this gesture as it makes it easy for all concerned, so kudos to KEI for doing the needful.

1411 – KEI




What was going to be an active speakers with a turntable set up turned out to be an active speakers with digital source setup, due to certain technical issues in setting up a turntable. Nonetheless, we focused on the Totem Kin Play, which are getting very well reviewed internationally. Unfortunately, we could not hear them sufficiently to be able to write more about them but whatever little we heard, we liked. Hopefully, we shall be sent a pair for review in the near future.

1412 – M.Z. AUDIO




M.Z. Audio had taken a suite which had the inner area with equipment as under:

Marantz SA10 SACD Player – 5L

Marantz PM10 SACD Amplifer – 6.35L

Q Acoustics Concept 500 – 4.10L

The flagship Marantz Amplifier and SACD Player with Q Acoustics Flagship Concept 500 Speakers were showcased as a stereo set-up.

The outer area had 2 set ups of Marantz + Q Acoustic + Morel in home theatre configurations.

Set-up one had:

Morel CW525LCR – 3.15L

Morel CW600 – 85k

Morel MSP10 – 60K

Marantz SR7013 – 2.15L

Set-up two had:

Q Acoustics Concept 40 Tower – 1.23L

Q Acoustics Concept Centre – 34K

Q Acoustics Concept 20 – 48K

Q Acoustics 2070Si – 49K

Marantz SR5013 – 1.10L

Source used for both was a Marantz UD7007 – 85K

We were glad to see that the clutter of static display was non-existent in the room, save for a set of Q Acoustics 7000 LRi(36K) & Ci(19K) placed at the entrance of the room. Q Acoustics Rock Speaker – QI65LW(27K) was also on static display.



X10 4K



We Started off with the M1+, an ultra compact and portable projector that features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, along with built in Harman Kardon speakers. Ideal for sharing multimedia anywhere, even outdoors thanks to a built in battery power supply. The form factor is really small, making it a breeze to carry around in its own pouch that is part of the M1+ which also has 16GB inbuilt memory.  The M1+ makes it easy to share and view a variety of multimedia content, as it comes with multiple connectivity options including HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB Type C, Audio Out and a MicroSD card reader. We look forward to reviewing the M1+ in the near future.

 The next projector we saw was the X10-4K LED portable projector with LED technology, the projector offers up to 30,000 hours of operational life. The X10-4K projector includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and an integrated Smart TV interface for easy streaming of TV shows and movies from popular content services, while a built-in OS provides access to popular apps via the Android Aptoide store. The X10-4K features 125% of Rec.709 color accuracy and Frame Interpolation technology, which reduces motion blur and ensures fluid multimedia content projection. The connectivity options include HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2, USB 2.0 Type-A, Type-C, Audio In/Out, and RJ45. This too has speakers from Harman Kardon, a lightweight design, easy carry handle, and short throw lens, the X10-4K can be conveniently moved from room to room, indoors to outdoors. The projector features 2,400 LED lumens of brightness, and Wi-Fi connectivity.



Milan Art Screen with Leather Finish

Size:-92″ Diagonal

Surface:- Micro Perforated Silver 3D

Mrp:- Rs.2,00,000

Milan Motorized Tab Tensioned

Size:-92″ Diagonal


Mrp:- Rs.60,000

Milan Zero Edged Screen

Size:-92″ Diagonal

Surface:-Optical (Ambient Light Rejection)

Mrp:- Rs.90,000

As always, Milan Sales Corporation was fronted by the bossman Milan himself, who kept us entertained with the demonstration of the 3 types of screens on demo and their attributes. For the pricing, Milan Sales Corporation always provide value for money and that is precisely why they sell a lot of screens year on year. We were particularly impressed with the Art Screen with Leather finish, that not only looked beautiful with the now customiseable leather wrapped border in a variety of colors, but also with any type of picture/artwork that one can custom design to their liking.



Vinshek Marketing focused on providing a hands on demo of Elan based home automation to one and all, thereby educating not only an end user but also those who are part of the automation installation industry. We couldn’t sit through one of their sessions as had other rooms to cover as well.


Little Nap had a few new models of recliners to showcase, one which we have shared the video of was very comforting to sit on and attractive to look as well, what with a pleasant red textured leather used to wrap the same. We spent a good 5 minutes relaxing in the same post which it was time to hit the next room.




Klipsch Forte III Speakers

Balanced Audio Technologies (BAT) Pre/Power Amplifiers

Klipsch Debut Carbon Turntable

Cinebels showcased the above models as their demo set up, which sounded great when they played a record, which was rare as they mostly played music via Bluetooth, which was quite a turn off for us. We were atleast glad to hear some music on vinyl for a few minutes to note that the Balanced Audio Technologies Pre/Power indeed drove the Klipsch Forte III Speakers rather beautifully. We wish we could hear this set up more, sadly not! The turntable looked familiar as it is none other than the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with Klipsch badge engineering. Anyway, as per the Klipsch website, this is now a discontinued model.

Pricing of the above models as under:

Klipsch Forte III – 4.95L

Static Display Models:

Klipsch Heresy – 2.68L

Klipsch Sixes – 89.8K

Klipsch Three – 46.8K

Klispch One – 28.8K

Theatre Bar – 1.5L (Fully cusomiseable as it is made to order and delivery schedule is 12 weeks)

1418 +1419 – VU TECHNOLOGIES


VU Technologes showcased their new range of TV’s, ranging from sizes 75, 86 to 100 inches from their pixelight & quantum pixelight series.

Unfortunately, no one was made aware of them being offered at special prices if booked during the show! The star of the TV’s on display was the 100” 4K TV that retails at 20L, but was available for a very special price of 13.5L!!! This is the world’s first 100” 4K LED TV and does it look good or what? Fantastic we say and worth buying if you have the real estate and financial ability to buy the same. VU Technologies are truly showcasing quality and value for money at the moment. We certainly believe in their products as we also happen to use their TV’s and have been very satisfied with their quality and price to performance abilities.











As is customary with Audiovision India, this year too they had lined up their room with products from the brands named above by means of static displays, except for Soundcast portable speaker models, which they played intermittently inside and outside their room. Most of the visitors were disappointed, including us for not being able to have a chance to hear their great line of brands, such as B&W, Jeff Rowland, Melco, Vivid Audio, to name a few. We hope that next year they will change the system and get active from static!

1423 – AERO


Aero showcased their range of water proof Mirror TV’s, LED display video walls, LCD monitors, digital posters, along with their flagship product called Aeroscape, a 176” smart LED TV, which is the world’s largest LED TV.

All in all, the products on display were well displayed and their functionality was perfectly explained by the team at hand for doing so. We were surprised to see a few digital posters used in the marketing of the show this year, at the hotel venue, which is a good sign and hopefully will be used in a full fledged way for the ones to follow. We look forward to learning more about Aero’s product range in the near future.

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Writing the post show coverage is always a task as one has to cover the whole show meticulously, arrange the large number of photographs taken/watermark them and then arrange them in the desired order to link with the article written for them. It takes a lot of time and mental concentration to do so, though inadvertently, there can be some mistakes which we will ensure to minimise to the best of our abilities.

As always our aim is to provide an as fair and impartial reportage of the show as possible, based on what we personally experienced ourselves. For sure, there will be those who will be aggrieved by what we write and be cross with us but we do so for the general benefit of the entire home audio video industry, that we consider ourselves to be part of. We hope to see not only the industry grow but also the level of the shows like What Hi-Fi? and maybe more that we will hopefully see taking place pan India.

As per our experience, this show has been one of the poorest attended and disappointing in more ways than one. The following are a couple of our observations of the show, that were contributing factors, ones that hopefully won’t be repeated in the future shows:

Provision of Information of Brands/Models being Showcased – Time and again, we have requested the exhibitors taking part in the show to advise the details of the same, so that the show organisers and we amongst others as digital AV focused media can create the awareness and interest into the target audience to ensure they must visit the show. This is a very critical aspect that needs to be addressed the most as AV enthusiasts by and large do not have an avenue to experience a lot of  the brands and their respective models(notably high end) at a dealers premises for obvious reasons.

Static Displays – Whilst it is very easy for the exhibitors to do so and time and again we have being noticing the trend growing amongst the exhibitors, it doesn’t really serve the purpose as the attending visitors do not appreciate the same and would love to hear the equipment on demo to their benefit rather than just see. After all the What Hi-Fi? Show is a Aural & Visual experience hence the exhibitors MUST make the effort to have the gear showcased properly and as desired, notably the aspirational / expensive / halo brands that the normal av enthusiasts do not ever have an opportunity to hear anywhere else. It rather makes sense for the show to be a small one that is focused on providing the satisfaction of the visitors than be a large one with the said visitors just walking by in disappointment and disgust.

Demo Set Ups – By and large most of the exhibitors who make the effort of showcasing their gear on demo always do so with great care, but there are some that just do not pay attention to this aspect, thereby the said product/brand doesn’t get showcased in the right manner. The reasons for such instances can be attributed to a lot of factors, including lack of relevant experience for doing the desired setup and or not having the synergy to showcase either their brand of electronics or speakers. Not always does a distributor have speakers and electronics that have a synergy between them and by showcasing such sets ups due to such constraints always backfires. Hence, it would make sense for distributors of such brands to have brands of other distributors showcased with their brands to achieve the desired synergy, thereby making it a win win situation for all concerned. There were a few that did precisely this and the results achieved were fantastic. We hope that this trend continues in future as well!

Designated Time Slots for Demo’s – Whilst a few exhibitors had smartly managed this, it needs to be done by most if not all to get the desired satisfaction of the visitors, so that they can hear the gears on demo in the correct fashion to appreciate or get more insights into the set up on demo as a future reference or purchase.

Pricing Information – A perennial question that most if not all of the visitors would like answered to! Besides one exhibitor, who ensured that all their products had the respective pricing displayed, none of the others did so. Our market is always curious to know the prices and that aspect is vital so that the same question does not keep getting asked and answered to time & again.

We hope that our observations are taken into consideration positively and they help in improving the quality of the shows in the future to ensure growth for all concerned.

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